Tuesday, December 20, 2005


Ever wondered wad makes stars so popular? Or what make them stand out from the crowd that they get special treatment? What is this thing called fame? Is it justified to give these ppl such treatment?

Well yesterday I was at lavander food court and I was having a bowl of lean pork soup with rice. 2 tables in front of me sat some TCS stars, among them was Peirre Png. The Drinks auntie immediately regconized him and after already taking many orders from other tables further outside the food court she proceeded to take the stars orders.

She was trying to make small talk to the stars while taking the orders. She then walk past me without asking me if I wanted a drink, which I had to stop her and order my drink.

The thing is my table was the closest to the drink stall so, if you said if it was for ease, I would have been served 1st. No the lady proceeded to serve teh drinks of the stars 1st then she proceed to serve the drinks to those that were seated outside of teh food court and lastly I was handed a slightly not so cold drink after a frantic search for me. My table was not hidden, in fact it was just 2 tables away from the stars.

The thing is it is the stupid normal ppl whos lives dun seem to matter to themselves to put these 'star' on a pedestal that make them larger than life when in fact they are normal human beings just like you and me. Yes granted that Peirre is such a sweet heart to give half his liver to Andrea De cruz whom is his gf. But lets say if it was any other bf whose gf needs a liver I am sure they will give half of theirs to. Just that it will not be in the news just coz they are not stars. Even if it was me and my wife needs a heart, I will give her mine, thats no question abt it.

So then if you take away the attention ppl give to these said stars, they will be nothing. Just like I feel its funny that some bloggers whom think they are celebrities demand to be let into a club coz they are famous(in their own heads). Famous or not, whether you appear on tv or not, I feel that everyone is the same and not be treated differently.