Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Houston we have a problem

you would think that after 10 yrs or so of education will teach some people some things are at least leave some sort of evidence of an intelligence. No not the students here. Here is just one fine example of how dumb or future is and how doomed we all are.

Every year ard this time of the year, some 'smart' students will think of trying to make a profit for selling flowers for the upcoming valentine's day. The idea is pretty smart I must say, selling flowers to dumb ppl whom are willing to pay for a piece of evgetable for 1000% its normal price. that is like 900% profit you know.

Anyway back to the story, so every year they make some sort of flyer or A4 sized poster to paste ard the school to promote their sales of dead plants. To get these pasted they need to get an approved stamp on it and they do so. The thing is, the stamp states that the poster/flyer is meant for notice board ONLY. Every year i will find not 1but 2 stuck to the toilet wall above the urinal.

I dun think its me, coz since when did the toilet wall above the urinal in the gents become an offical school notice boards. Great we have breed idiots to lead idiots.