Monday, January 23, 2006


Wad did you say? I got class from 8am-10am, another from 10am-12pm, and another at 12pm-2pm......???!!! Thats not all? I got class from 4pm-6pm? and another at 7pm-10pm??!! So then where and when does my meal times come in?

Sometimes I really wonder if they take me as a robot or they simpply think they can abuse teh hell out of me. Now I know why the guy I took over quit. I mean with treatment lik ethis its no wonder why no one can stay more than 3 yrs in this particular field. Its tiring to face Mondays like this, on top of that the lectureers whom happily book for our service just has this one lecture that they think are the most impt, thus wanting us to give priority to them. They dun know thatthe ppl behind doing all the work are human too. If a lecturer were to have these working hours I am sure they will go on strike.

Lil Miss Whiny has been pestering me to complain. What she does not know that the more I complain the less I will be able to get promoted. Sadly I am alrdy in one of the few that will get a slim chance of ever seeing the day I get promoted. I knew all along that the management is bias against me. Well I have myself to blame anyway, well ever since they caught me beta testing a game mod I was helping to develop back in 2002, I guess they tot I was playing game on the job. Since then things just slided downwards.

So then 2006 looks 'real great' to me I am estatic so far. Hur hur hur

If you did not catch that, I was being sarcastic with my last line.