Thursday, January 12, 2006

I have the power to restore faith in humanity

On Monday when I went to the toilet, I found a lifebook laptop in one of teh cubicle. It was rather new and looks expensive so I tot to myself, that I shld keep it with me in case some other student found it and decided to keep it. I waited for a while to see if soem one will come scrambling in to look for it but no one came. guess this person either dun know where he last put it or was rich enuff to forgo it.

I decided to pass it to the staff incharge of teh dept where i found teh lappy in. They looked up his user ID and e-mailed him. After a day, they found teh owner and returned the lappy to him. In his gratitue, he wrote me the following e-mail.

Dear Mr (Fook)Mee

I have just collected my notebook from the Technical Support Office and everything is in place. I nearly died of a heart attack when I found that it was lost, and spent an entire afternoon hunting it down frantically. I just want to say thanks for returning the laptop to me – you’ve completely restored my faith in humanity! Thank you!



(All names are changed to protect the affected parties)

I now know I got the power to restore faith in humanity.....