Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Excuse me, but I thought this was a school not a whorehouse

Is it me or are the skirts in school getting shorter? I dun mind if they wore mini skirts, I dun mind if they wore micros minis when they club, but wearing skirts that are crotch level in school? WTF

I saw not 1 not 2, but 3 gurls showing me their under wear.

1st incident as I went to collect equipment for work I saw this gurl sitting on a bench at the bench tables outside an auditorium and I saw her cloth cladded pussy, ok to put it to layman's terms, I saw her crotch prt of teh underwear, I was just walking past her. Not even bending or even trying to see her underwear and it was staring back at me.

Then in a mid sized room, I was going to toilet and there was this student sitting at the back of the room, again she wore a mini up to her crotch and she was too showing me cloth cladded pussy, WTF. At the same time a gurl sitting near where I was was also exposing herself in the very same room. Since when did I wonder from a school to the red light district?

Its getting bad here, out of 10 gurls, 6 wear these micros that are six inch above their kness and almost at crotch level, the other 4, 2 are from china, 1 is a butch and the last simple cannot be bothered to dress up. The worst thing is, when the wind starts to blow, many of them hold on to their short skirts in case they get blown up. Why the fuck they bother since when they sit down, they show everyone their warez.

One day they going to come in bikinis.....one day.....