Monday, February 13, 2006

They are popping all over the place....

Walking through school is hazardous, there are so many stalls popping up through the central walkway you might think they are some type of fungus. Its that timne of the year again and stalls selling all kind of novety items pop up like nobody's business.

What comes with stalls are even worst. Enthusiastic ppl pass(read as shoving) pamplets into you(or your face if you are short). I quickly wave my jedi hand and they seemed to be in my mind control and stop tryingto pass me wadever shit tehy want me to see.

All becoz Vday is tml, I wonder how many 'dumb blondes' going to parade ard with their bouquets tmml. I wonder how many guys are going to get laid tml. Oh well me, I will most likely be in the background as per normal. Maybe if something good happens, you will get a live report from me, from this school. Who knows, maybe another student going to do the 'ask lecturer to help propose' feat again. The feat that propelled our lil dept to the front page of ST.