Friday, March 31, 2006


Sitting next to a group of ssame sex orientated gurls in teh canteen a few questions start to swirl in my head.

Why do I meet self centred ppl so often?
Why do same sex orientated gurls have extra squeaky squirmy voices?
Why do they speak as though only they mattered?
Why do they give other ppl sitting next to their table weird looks?

Then again when I was getting my food other why questions apear

Why do students like to stand at teh narrow entrance to any stairs to talk?
Why do some students tok extra loud as though they are the only ones ard?
Why do some dumb students even exists?

And while passing my time this week some questions pop in my mind

Why do ppl liek to prve that they have a bigger penis by dissing ppl in an online community?
Why do ppl like to irriate others for their own pleasures?
Why are there inconsiderate ppl ashrew?

So many questions so little time