Thursday, March 09, 2006

Brokeback broke my back

Watch brokeback mountain 2 nights ago, was not a bad flick abt gay cowboys that kept saying they are not queer(rite....). The pace was ok, the show was rather solemn. There were small things that I picked up, abt jack lying to (wadever his name) that he was having an affair with some foreman's wife when he actually was having it with the foreman himself.

What got me was how it all started. There was no lead up to the 1st gay sex scene, none wadsoever. I mean 2 men in the cold sleeping in the same tent, will they all of a sudden take each other's pants off and fuck one another? The thing is, they potrayed the 2 men as very manly men whom dun have a slight sense of going for another guy's ass, then that happened.

I guess its another one of those ployline things where it was a convienient way of making them gay fast. Anyway its not bad a show, just things happened too fast with no lead up, and yet the show managed to be ard 2 and half hrs long.