Thursday, April 20, 2006

Why i am tired of forums

You know that you shld stop going to forums that have no aim, i.e those that are for ppl to chat abt anything with no common goal execpt to just kill time at work, when you constantly put up with assholes there whom like to runinsults the 1st chance they get.

Some of them even have the cheek to insinuate things abt you when they themselves are not the model moral person to begin with. I say, I think I will fuck off from such place, coz, why bother with morons rite? In the end they only want to prove that their online penis is huge(I said online coz I think in real they have really tiny ones)

You know the saying abt having an arguement on the internet is like winning the special olympics? The one that says that even if you win you are still retarded? Yes that one, and it feels like that with these forums, constantly battling morons whom think they know the most(or in this case think they got teh biggest penis)

No I dun think i will go back to read, I dun care anymore, its a place ravage by retards and I dun want to join in and be one of them. I think I am capable of more matured tok with other more interesting objective directed forums, i.e forums for hobbies and such.