Tuesday, April 04, 2006

What gives you the right?

For the past 6 months I have got to know some ppl that suffer from a weird disease, these ppl like toput others down with any remark whomever makes, else that must say something to insult a person's integrity or intelligence making them look as though they are much better.

The worst thing is, some of these ppl also suffer from servere case of SPS, which is a disease that make a person want to or have the need to be the last to have the last word. Be it s simple graphic or a yawn, these ppl dun know that by doing so, they make themselves look sso much more defective than the rest of us.

In fact most of the the time they got seirous issues abt their self esteem and thus use this way to put ppl down to boost their own esteems/egos. The scary thing is that some of these ppl are christians, I mean when I still went to church, I tot that christians are taught not to judge, not to slide such vile comments, its time like these that make me rethink abt the so called christians.

I think these ppl are the worst as in they only beleive in it so that they can be 'saved'? Then to do anything they want and take it for granted that they are going to heaven? So in essence they are just christians by name?

Anyway back to topic, why do such ppl exist? Why do they take pleasure at insulting others, not like they themselves are holier than thou art. Maybe they should take a piss on the floor and reflect on themselves to see if they are any better b4 passing shit comments on others