Saturday, May 20, 2006

Work On Saturday Anyone?

Just like that I cornered myself into having to work on sat. Its fine I said, when I told them I will have to come down just in case there are screw ups. Sometimes I think I am too nice to ppl, I shld have wiggle myself out of coming back on sat and ask my colleague to do it instead.

But i needed the off hours that it gave so, here I am on a lonely sat morning in my cubicle waiting for that just in case phone call. I could have used this time to do something better, like constructing of my current(and old) submarine I used to play it. It needs some reworking.

Recently one of my flying buddies asked me if I wanted to go into rc tanks. We went down to marina square to get to know the tank ppl there and I was very interested. Only problem is, getting one of these tanks will set me bak somewhere from 700 - 1300. Which i do not have unless I decide to sell my backside by which that is selling it many many many get the idea.

Thus I decided to shelf that idea and any other spending money ideas for a long time, hoping to amass the amout of money needed for the tank. I think 6 mths to a yr if I am discipline. Guys have it tough, money wun drop from teh sky and no one will offer to give a guy stuff, unless he looks like a toy boy. Then maybe some old ah ma will buy stuff for him.