Wednesday, May 17, 2006

True Friends

I haven been blogging lately not becoz I am lazy, not becoz I have nothing to say and not becoz my lif eis boring. There is lot to say but a lot of the time I feel that I could not say them as close friends reading my blog will get hurt reading the raw truth.

But alas, i am only human and can contain that much and like the now famoose cowboy caleb would say, I got no voice but have to scream. Thus i feel teh need to burst out now.

Dear Friend

I dun know if you are reading this or not, but in recent months things have not been going well for you. Though i know its a hard time for you , but as a true friend I feel the need to point out these issues with you. Though I know you hate to hear them and will probably close this window up to this point.

Now, if you have not closed this window, let me continue. I know you know your faults better than anyone, or so you think, but sometimes you have to let third parties whom have a clearer perspective of things going ard you, whose view is not clouded by the emotional tainted lenses you sometimes see from, give you their views. They do so not to mock you or even gloat at you , but in hopes that you will see the err in your ways.

You once said that you have too much pride and now again your pride is getting in the way of things, when we ask you of certain problems, you tend to tell me that you said that you do not want to talk abt it. Is this what a matured young person as yourself shld be saying or doing. I agree, your problems are yours to solve, but think of it this way, if you are really sincere abt solving them wun it be better toking abt it, finding solutions for them, instead of hoping that they will be solved by themselves.

I know you do not like or even wun go into something that will be deemed a failure, but in life its failures that make us grow, like the saying, one whom live life not wanting to fail, or even run away when its heading that direction, will normally end up as a failure in life. Being a close friend, I do not want that to happen to you, yet you feel that I am just tryingto make you upset.

This other thing I must mention is that other time when I was sending you and your good friend home, on the way back, the 2 of you were viaing for 'airtime' to voice whose day sucked worst, during that nite you know wad conclusion I had, of the 2 of you? I felt that both of you are really self centered. I know this must be a huge shock to you and you will think that you are the most selfless person in teh world, but really, are you?

The there is this thing abt your double standards, it is connected to you being self centered, why is it that you can commit those mistakes while others can't? Or why do you see things so clearly when you give advice to your friends but you are so clouded in yoru own problems? Coz you cannot handle things crashing down and wun accept them. It hurts, but its the truth.

I know you hate to judge ppl, and therefore hate to be judged and I know that you think I am judging you rite now. I am only human and beleive me, you do judge too, when you impose your double standards on others, its form of judging. I am sure you will deny that though, knowing you.

I know that you may not want to speak to me after this and there is a prospect of losing a friend, yet I feel compelled to tell you these things as I do want you to be a better person in future. Anyway I dun have much friends to begin with and if you choose to not be one of mine in future, so be it.

Yours truthfully
Your friend