Wednesday, May 03, 2006

A day gone wrong

On Friday nite the Sassy one invited the whiney one and me to watch a movie. Due to some confusion of what movie to watch, they picked the least cheesy sounding film, Hostel, well, as you know, its a gory flick peppered with lots of nudity and such, trying to make the film more intellectual.

There were 2 cring factors of the movie, the gore and teh horrible acting/script. Me I hate gore that is too graphical, the Sassy one did not expect it to be this bad and teh whiny one kept laughing at the horrible script.

Needless to say we only stayed for ard 15 mins before decided to leave, not until the sassy one started to tear at the gory scenes.

Somehow the day seemed weird as drivers are driving more reckless than usual and everyone seemed to be gathering at mustafas as the crowd there was unbearable. As some of you have alrdy read in the sassy blog that some nigger(no racist comment there, but for no better word) wanted to know, I mean said his friend wanted to know her, thinking that all asian women wants to bed a black man, hur hur hur.

The nite was peppered with mishaps too insignificant to blog abt and we decided to call it an early nite b4 more major mishaps happened.