Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Battle Day 23 Jul 1943

It was a hot day in the desert when a lone Sherman tank went scouting out front into enemy territory.Just weeks before the Germans took over this territory with their Blitzrieg tactics and it was sure that a healthy number of tiger tanks are in the area.

Still the commander of the tank pushed on.


At the other end of the dry river bed crossing lies 2 tiger I tanks in wait, though both from different units, they were both sent together on the same route for guard duty of the bridge. Being dug in well teh sherman had no chance of spotting the 2 tanks


Shots rang out and the sherman took a critical hit to its engine compartment, slowing it down by almost half. Seeing the enemy in both superior technology and numbers,the tank commander decided to flee the scene. Tiger I tank 123 on seeing the fleeing Sherman, gave chase and easily kept up with it since the american tank's engine took a hit earlier.


With another shot meeting its mark at the back of the turret, the sherman commander decided to try to go on the offensive, but alas its turret ring was hit and it jammed. With some luck, Tiger 123 was ordered to pull back, or was it something more sinister?


German High command wanted a target to test their latest prototype, a Tiger II that the germans just conceived, the Tiger II tank 300.


Rolling ever so slowly teh behemoth approached its intended prey. Lumbering as its underpowered engine roared to the strain it was being pushed into.


Turning its giant turret, tank 300 took its aim. Seconds felt like minutes as the sherman crew tried to bail out of their tank as the feeling of impending doom overcame them.


With a single shot from the powerful 88mm cannon, the sherman was completely destroyed. One this dark day teh germans won, a 3 to 1 vitory but still a win.

As you can tell we are having lots of fun battling the tanks. the main event to watch out for is this coming 12th fo Aug where tehre will be a full battle day to demo these tanks for a tamiya event.