Monday, July 17, 2006

The whiner a cavewoman?

The other night during teh world cup season as we were hungry all of the sudden at ard 11pm and were both too lazy to go out to get something to eat, so we ended up calling Mc donalds to get some unlucky bloke to haul his ass across the heartlands just to provide some lazy asses their semi warm food.

Due to world cup season then, the rider took more than 1 and a half hours to get the now cold food to us. When the 20 piece nuggets got here, the whiny one being so damn hungry was grunting happily away. Its the type of grunt that monkeys make or 'cavemwoan' in this case, you know like,

'huh huh huh huh huh'

Wad I find so funny is that even after consuming a few chicken pieces she was still grunting like hunger has reverted her to this primal state. I was so amused by it that it annoyed her. Just wondering are we all cavemen deep down in there, when oone of our basic emotions run wild and take over us, do we revert to grunting savages?