Monday, August 14, 2006

Humans are such ugly creatures

We had an official tamiya event on saturday. We had a barricade this time to keep assholes children away from our tanks this time. I knew that we should have lefgt at ard 6pm when the horde started to amass, yet for some strange reason I decided, on better judgement, to continue becoz the rest ddi not want to leave stating that they wun cross the barrier.

At 850pm, teh crowd we massing right infront of us, ard us, everywhere and we are surrounded by every cheebye in teh world. still our barricade held. we were packing our stuff when teh fireworks started. Then all hell breaks loose. coz they cheebyes are not smart enuff to know where the fireworks will be they were all positioned inthe wrong place. When teh 1st fireworks went off, ppl charge and broke down our barricades and were on a stampede towards our buildings, obstacles and equipement we had place for teh battle field. These selfish bastards only cared abt seeing some motherfuckercheebye fireworks like its the end of the world.

I shouted at them to no avail and teh crowd pushed on. One kid steped on my friend's $700 dollar tank and another friend pushed him of away, angering the kids father whom want to start a fight with my friends. the fuckers 1st broke pour barricades, trampled on our stuff and still want to start a fighjt with us thinkingthey are in the right? What indignent creatures they are to be so full of themselves.

And did I mentioned teh trash they left behind when conducting their human stampede? The fuckers are really bastrads and left teh whole place littered. I have never been so ashamed of being a singaporean in my life.

Sometimes you really see the ugliness of ppl for simple things such as a fireworks display. Esp in singapore when evveryone does not want to miss out on something free like some fireworks in the sky, whole life never seen fireworks b4 is it? There is a saying, 'there are leaders and there are sheep, which are you?'