Friday, September 15, 2006

Mental Warfare

After reading Jane's Mental warfare, it kind of reminding me of a time long ago when i was in my more flirty mode and aspired to be a player. Of course I could never be one, lacking in both the charm and money dept. That was more than 2 years ago, yes I know 2 yrs might not be a long time ago to most of you, but in my book, life is short, so 2 years is heck of a long time to me. This was when I was tired of my mundane life I had then, and of course before Lil miss whiney came along.

Anyway back to the story. Oh yes, I was remembering those days when I got to know a certain Janice when newsroom was still around. This girl is what I would say teh mother of all mind fuckers. When I 1st got to know her, she made me buy many round of drinks with her and even tried to get each other drunk, but at the end of the night all I managed to do was to give her a lift home and thats it.

I met her in a club, yes a lot of warning bells coming right off now about how meeting a girl in a club is like knowing the harms of taking drugs and still takingthem anyway. I was young then, wanted to have 'fun', yet for somereason, I never got to have my 'fun'. Oh well maybe I am the world's most unluckiest person

Oh yeah, the mindfucking part. I would see this girl the next few weeks in the said club that I go and she would at times ignore me. When teh older guys got tired of her and shun her, she would then try to gather my attention by dropping me an sms saying hi and why I did not tok to her, which i would curtly reply to her that I did not say hi coz she seemed to be having fun with some other guys.

Yet at times she would initiate by asking me to join her for a few rounds of drinks. All this time when I tried a few advances, I get shot down. Then one night I decided to move on and we had a party at the said place, this time we had a few SYTs (Sweeter, Younger, Tighter things) and she saw me that night. Even when she had her older man group surrounding her, she had to sms me to ask me to go over to say hi. My replies was, 'Later', which made her mad.

Then later when the night was winding down, she decided to come up to me and chat me up. I was at that point uninterested in her from that point on, and she started asking me if I was sending her home that night, which in term I said, 'you got all your guys here dyingto send you home, I think I will pass tonite'. Feeling defeated, she then proceed to give me a hug and a peck on my cheek. All this time I have known her, I never got a hug nor a peck and all of a sudden she throwns herself on me. At that moment Iknew it was time to go and move, the player's world is not for me as its too complicated for a simple me.