Thursday, September 14, 2006

You know its going to be a bad day......

when this bus driver of bus 198 decided that I am driving an invisible car when he forced his way into my lane. The fucker saw me moving off and was just next to his bus, buut becoz he wanted to speed and was late(i think) he decided that he will swerve into my lane and hope I braked and let him go. Horning the CHEEBYE fucker did not disuade him from coming straight in. So I had to relent, why you say? Coz the cheebye fucker knows that he is driving a huge ass double decker bus that does no belong to him.

I almost wante dto chase him into the bus bay drag his ass into the SBS office and make sure his ass got fired, but I was in a rush for time. You must be thinking that I shld be compasionate coz he got a family to feed. I say let the fucker and his brood die, why keep sure an person who has no concern abt other ppl's lives, thus why let his brood continue their existence for they too will learn the same uncaring mannerisum of this fucker.