Tuesday, October 10, 2006

OH what high a stools you sit on

Sometime back I used to frequent a forums called teh cowboy bar which incidentally, lil miss whiny is a moderator of. Then at a a daily occurance there is this group of late 20s to 30plus guys that do not seem to ever grow up, constantly putting ppl down with their comments and trying to show how big their online penis is, which is a moot point.

Why a moot point? coz 1, no one cares how big an online penis is and 2 it will amount to naught even if your online penis is that big. Though most of the time these, lets call them scumbags for a lack of better term, usually hurl their attacks on other members of the forum and not directly at me. I was disgusted with their existence an dthus left that online community for good.

Recently I was posting a comment on this rather famous online persona's blog and somehow one of these scumbags had to come and try to act hero and tried to shoot my comment down by suggesting that I shld let her be an dnot leave comments or 'disrupt' this famous person way of blogging as that scumbag puts it.

The thing is, I did not know that only certain scumbags can post comments on this person's blog and who the FUCK is he to denote what comments are welcome on this particular blog. What are you the flee on her cheebye is it? I post my comment make her cheebye itch so badly that she tries to scratch you off is it? Why the fuck get so protective huh, when many times you post more unfriendly comments to her on her blog.

The only explanation I can think of is that these scumbags are pussies in real, tok so big online, but in real act like pussies. Come on, how old leow, late 20s or even 30plus year old leow still act like 16 yr old kid. If so then go home suck on your mama tits lah.