Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Diu or no Diu

No I am not being vulgar here, I am refering to the crazy money giving(or so they say) show that is locally produced. It does sound like the title, its deal or no deal. I am sure many of our hong kong friends will be sniggering at the name of the show.

Anyway, back to what I intended to say, was watching it for the 1st time by chance(read as nothing else interesting on all the other cable channels) on tele and there was this animated chick whom was noisey and whimsical(and very painful to watch) whom was the contestant of that episode

I guess the only saving grace of watching the show is that they got many famous girls from miss universe, FMH and any other magazine that exhibits scantily dress gals, to be the girls standing next to each brief case. I kind of pity those gals as they had to stand there just to be called out to open a brief case and then disappear. Imagine the last girl to be called, she must be cursing and swearing having to stand there the whole night.

Anyway among the girls there was Gwen, as in the Gwen that used to work for SassyJan before she jumped ship the moment she was spotted by a local magazine. Seeing her on screen qued this word into my brain, BIMBO, which atthat moment made sense why these girls are there to begin with. Its not a very tough job that requires brains, in fact, you only need to use your thumb and index finger to get the suit case unlatched. Thus the realization that why all the eye candy, guess the job suits them, which is to be a pretty vase and open a suit case.

Well lets get back to the contestant, all I can say is, where do they get these freaks to appear on national television, I mean seeing her performance last night, she should be locked up in the mental institute, but at the same time, I feel the show or should I say teh stress felt in that show would be the cause for more mental breakdowns, well at least for the weaker minds out there. Anyway it really showed that how greed can compel anyone to make the wrong decision. She was offered 33K to walk away, but because she felt that the 75K was in the brief case she chose, she turned it down. Me I would have taken the 33K.

In the end she got only SGD$750, kinda sad if you asked me and no, she did not laughed till she rolled down teh stage like she said she would do.