Tuesday, January 26, 2010

PeeAssThree Part III

I finally succumbed and got myself a new PeeAssThree Sleem.....damn you SONY....for making pay for something I already have....yet its so hard to just leave it not working.

I will still fix the old set, hopefully to sell it to recoup some of my loss.

Monday, January 25, 2010

Somehow its me again

Looks like its a really bad day/month/week/year for me. Aside from all the last minute shit I get, now somehow they need to change the cubicle formation of the room and somehow only my cubicle is affected.

To make things worse its a hate me day too, its not enuff to throw shit my way, they now want me to move to a cubicle that i really hate the position of. Its deep in the room and very far from the door and a position where ppl walk past it alot.

How to be happy like that you tell me

PeeAssThree Part II

About 3 weeks ago i decided to buy a laser deck from an ebay seller stating that they were based in Hong Kong and that the laser was fully working. 1 week ago I received the part, on installing the deck's blue ray was completely dead. What is even worse is that the ebay seller is actually operating from shenzhen (land of piracy)

Now with my part still stuck somewhere between here and Shenzhen, as I had to send it back then I can get a replacement, and the PS3 sitting in pieces still unable to play BluRay disc. I am left frustrated with the fact that I paid $80 to get a defective part which I had to pay another $10 bucks to ship back and no working PS3 and a whole lot of frustration.

Blardy fucking ebay sellers operating out of shenzhen.....why can't they be honest and state that they are operating from shenzhen instead of hong kong. That will lead to less frustration as I would have never bought from them to begin with.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

The one about the loan sharks

A rather good friend and semi-famous blogger friend of mine has had the worst of luck ever since the demise of her father. Now Pseudo Loan sharks are demanding her to pay an imaginery loan that comes with no proof of the loan ever being taken.

Whats worse is that the police that part of our tax is used for is not very helpful to her plight. Do find out more of the whole story in the link and if possible, do spread the word about it.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010


Its been 3yrs and 1 month since I got my PS3. Now it is sitting on a work table with its BluRay player unable to read BluRay disc. Its funny that it still reads PS2 games. Its even funnier that my PS2 that is over 6 yrs old is still working like a charm.

I heard there is a conspiracy on SONY's part that when they launched the PS3 they sold each unit at a lost. I also heard that a lot of ppl's PS3 have similar issues about the BluRay drive and for most it usually takes about slightly more than 1 yr for the drive to give and SONY will charge you USD$150 to repair (replace) it. What you get even then is your whole unit replaced with a refurbished set, swapped you hard disk over and then reformatted losing all your precious saves, esp those that you cannot back-up due to some copy protection they have on them to prevent ppl spread save files.

Maybe SONY makes up the lost revenue this way by some how making their newest system break outside of warrenty, making the masses that were loyal to them fork out another $150 justto have their system working the way it should on day 1.

Me, I just hope the dingy part that I get from Shenzhen solves my problem, but I heard bad things about those parts lasting more than a few day. Looks like I will have to let go and get a new PS3 if I want to prolong my gaming experience. Else i might have to give up on gaming completely....*sigh*