Monday, January 23, 2006


Wad did you say? I got class from 8am-10am, another from 10am-12pm, and another at 12pm-2pm......???!!! Thats not all? I got class from 4pm-6pm? and another at 7pm-10pm??!! So then where and when does my meal times come in?

Sometimes I really wonder if they take me as a robot or they simpply think they can abuse teh hell out of me. Now I know why the guy I took over quit. I mean with treatment lik ethis its no wonder why no one can stay more than 3 yrs in this particular field. Its tiring to face Mondays like this, on top of that the lectureers whom happily book for our service just has this one lecture that they think are the most impt, thus wanting us to give priority to them. They dun know thatthe ppl behind doing all the work are human too. If a lecturer were to have these working hours I am sure they will go on strike.

Lil Miss Whiny has been pestering me to complain. What she does not know that the more I complain the less I will be able to get promoted. Sadly I am alrdy in one of the few that will get a slim chance of ever seeing the day I get promoted. I knew all along that the management is bias against me. Well I have myself to blame anyway, well ever since they caught me beta testing a game mod I was helping to develop back in 2002, I guess they tot I was playing game on the job. Since then things just slided downwards.

So then 2006 looks 'real great' to me I am estatic so far. Hur hur hur

If you did not catch that, I was being sarcastic with my last line.

Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Now Lets see....

....How many things that are not going for me.... well there was my 1st MC for 2006 on monday, which was my 1st ever stomach flu which made me puke everything I ate or drink, then there is my no increment for the 1st time in 5 yrs since I worked here and lastly my car batt had to give up on me the moment my pay came out making me sweat a bit and spending $150 on a new one. Looks like a real 'great' year for me.

Whoever said that in doing good you get good done to you shld ought to be dragged out of teh bar and shot, twice.

Thursday, January 12, 2006

I have the power to restore faith in humanity

On Monday when I went to the toilet, I found a lifebook laptop in one of teh cubicle. It was rather new and looks expensive so I tot to myself, that I shld keep it with me in case some other student found it and decided to keep it. I waited for a while to see if soem one will come scrambling in to look for it but no one came. guess this person either dun know where he last put it or was rich enuff to forgo it.

I decided to pass it to the staff incharge of teh dept where i found teh lappy in. They looked up his user ID and e-mailed him. After a day, they found teh owner and returned the lappy to him. In his gratitue, he wrote me the following e-mail.

Dear Mr (Fook)Mee

I have just collected my notebook from the Technical Support Office and everything is in place. I nearly died of a heart attack when I found that it was lost, and spent an entire afternoon hunting it down frantically. I just want to say thanks for returning the laptop to me – you’ve completely restored my faith in humanity! Thank you!



(All names are changed to protect the affected parties)

I now know I got the power to restore faith in humanity.....


Monday, January 09, 2006

The day that all Cowboys have to have

It was the day that the Cowboy no longer can be the lonesome roaming vigilante that he used to be. Instead it is the day that he is no longer one but two. It is the day that the cowboy got wedded.

Over the weekend the cowboy got his knot tied. He is no longer the man he used to be, but a greater man now. He had extended an invitation to some of teh closer barflies to attend to his wedding, little did we know that teh closer barflies were to assume major roles in his wedding.

It was a fun filled weekend that made everyone wake up at wee hours of 7am and slept the night before at 2am. Aside from teh Jam that I had to put up to anf ro from the land of mordor(read as JB). Where pot holes are not pot holes but actually small ponds and no lights light the roads. Going there was an adventure by itself.

The convoy to his wives was yet another fun filled trip with one of teh cars getting lost. Getting teh bride was another adventure altogether and we had to literally storm the place to get the bride. In the end, the cowboy had his wife, the 'sistas' had their fun and teh barflies had their duties fulfilled. Now how abt release us from the oath zeus?

Anyway best wishes to the cowboy and may you have many offsprings that will plague you.

Friday, January 06, 2006

Have An Idea

I hav been toying with an idea for a while. Not going to say wad the idea is, else it wun be as fun. Well we will see how it goes, maybe I will never materialize it, maybe I would.

Anyway we going to slay the kow boi tonite, well lets she if we slay him, or he becomes the incredible hulk. Btw anyoen bringing milk?

Wednesday, January 04, 2006

A solution for getting molested at a mega(free) end of the year party

I was looking thru some blogs abt the anger they feel for going to such big parties and having being molested or their friends being molested. Then if occureed to me like a huge trucks of banans falling from the sky squashing me, that if no nubile(read as dumb) young girls were to go to these said parties, where foreign workers are said to have their free hand during these parties, there will not be incidents pertaining to such events. At most these FWs can grope each other.

Its a simple eqaution actually, being a gurl, knowing that there is such a huge danger in such parties, why do they put themselves in harms way? Is it like smoking? That you kow its bad for you and yet you do it, for that 5 seconds of gratification? Is it worth it.

Yes you might argue that the gov made such parties for you to enjoy, yada yada, but think abt it, if you are not such a cheapo and pay to go for a more exclusive party, will you have to put up with the FW's hands? Also after some years, when the gov realize that the ppl are boycotting these parties due to FW's, maybe, just maybe, they might do something abt it or not hold said parties in the future, thus no party equates to no mass FW molest fest rite?

So, for all you stubborn ppl out there that still think that if there is a party and I must go, why not go to somewhere else and save yourself the hassle. Its a simple demand and supply problem. If targets(read as gurls whose tops are too low and skirts are too short on top of a g string) stop going to such parties, the FWs got no one to grope but themselves.

Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Another new year, the same old shit

Yet another year has passed, and yet we still tear our parking coupons with 05 instead of 06. Taxi drivers are still a menace on ethe roads, buses think they can bully you coz of their size. Ppl get molested at year end parties, foam is sprayed into your face. The world keeps going. The next earthquake is ard the corner.

Had a great day of flying over this weekend, in fact I just edited some vids that I took over the weekend. This is a short clip of my plane.

My friend flew his big ass plane and this is a clip of it.

Well thats all from me and Happy new year, if its that happy for you that is