Wednesday, October 24, 2007

And away we go.....

Not really me, but lil miss whiny left sunny sillypore early this morning to see chio bus in taiwan. I will be left alone here stuck withteh cats for teh next 3 days.

Its the 1st time in a while since I have the place to myself. What should i do? Maybe I should stay up late and play games till morning. Hmmmmm Or should I just sleep instead, so many choices so lil time.

On another note, its a weird feeling I have now, although all week long I have been telling myself that its only 3 days and that I wun feel that sad when she flies off. Yet while leaving teh airport after sending her there, I cannot help to feel lil sad, and a bit lost.

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Today i am nice....

Usually I do not post when things are running smoothly for me, nor do i post about happy shite in this blog, for this is usually a place for me to unload all the shitty things that happen to me, thus some retards take it that i only know how to whine thus, flame me via comments thus leading me to turn that lil feature off.

Anyway back to why i am posting today. Its rare that I post about nice stuff, well today I am in sort of a nice mood anyway. So yeah, I was going to do a recording which I am late for and as I was parking my car I notice this student giving a car was all by herself. Knowing that this usually means she is going to ask for me to allow her to wash my new car, which i would nevar, or for a donation of some sort.

So I was rushing and getting out of my car when she ran towards me and asked me, 'hi sir, would you like to wash your car......' and I cut her off with a 'I am in a rush, sorry'. She nodded and went back to the car she was washing half way, I tok 5 steps and then for some reason i felt that I shld be nice today.

I turn around and went back to her asking her how much to make a donation, she said ten bucks. I took one note out of the few I had in the wallet and passed it to her, saying, make it out to anybody. Quickly rushed to my recording after that. I guess I just felt I shld donate, even though how poor I feel these days.

1 hour and 45 mins later my recording was finished, and i made way to my car. The student now had a group of her other friends and were talking in a circle standing in front of the cars, not my car. As I walked pass them some of teh girls in the group were turning ard and looking at me like I am some strnage creature, or even worse, some celebrity or something.

They were whispering among themselves and ever so often one of them would look at me. I gave them a faint smile and proceeded to my car and drove off as normal as I can. Though the reason for donating that small amount was out of charity from my heart, its nice to have young girls like them behaving that way for me, something I have not felt in a very long time. Maybe it does pay to give once in a while.