Friday, September 28, 2007

Childish people part II

Some ppl can be so childish to even register a nick just to publish a comment in my blog. Werid, no you can go fug yourself for all I care.

Must be some guy with a rather small penis that cannot help but to tell other ppl off on THEIR blogs else he feel his penis is too small.

Oh yeah you can also start a blog of your own to flame me, but dun worry, is not important enuff for me to read it.

Have a nice day,

Oh and if you are too stupid, I have disabled comments, some how it pleases me to know that I pissed someone off so much and remove his only outlet.

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Happy Bird day

Yesterday was Lil miss whiney's bird day, though I had to spend the majority of it at work, but we did go out to have a nice dinner and a lil ride down the sillypore river the nite before.

Anyway just to wish her again, happy bird day lil miss whiney.

Friday, September 14, 2007

Some ppl can be so Childish

As you know I am now into r/c tank modelling, thus we have a group that meet up occasionally(not so occasionally) to do tank battles. One of these memebers is a person I work with and he also used to fly withme when we were more into r/c airplanes

The thing is, we both join this group not too long ago and thus at teh beginning it was all great. meeting very regularly on sundays inthe hot sun every 2 weeks or so. Then when my friend tried to change the groups thinking to have battles on sat evenings, a time where there is less sun, the response at 1st was good.

Then it started to get bad as in the older memebers started to fly aeroplanes, or agreeing to the timing, then change itto their usual sunday morning slot last minute. My friend and I both got pissed at their indecisiveness, thus there was a time where lots of flying aeroplane occured on both ends.

I have recently spoke to them about this whole issue and it will hurt the club long term. The older memebers have thought it through and felt that in order to grow, there must be some form of compromise.

After doing all teh hard work, I tried to get my friend back into the groups's activities, but was met with just a single reply, I am no longer in the group. At this point I think he is just being childish at the whole matter, furthermore he is a grown adult pass 30 and yet have this thinking.

I think he was pissed at me for not join his group (which was only 2 ppl) on one weekend that I had already promised the old group that I will be meeting them. For us to have tank battles, I do not think that having only 2 - 3 tanks is enuff. I feel that in order to enjoy this hobby, we should put pass our differences and try to work a compromise.

Too bad he cannot get past his own obstacles and that is his harden heart.

Thursday, September 13, 2007

Notice to All Women

This is a public annoucement,

When your man is doing something, i.e. watching tv, please let him finish, if you need to tell him something, it better be something important i.e, you are choking, someone is on fire.

If he asks you politely to let him finish his program and he will get back to you, do let him do so, throwing a tantrum will not help the situation.

It does not mean he loves you less or the tv is more important to him. Its just that he cannot pause the program on tv unless he got Tivo or something to that extend. This will ensure that there will be less friction in the relationship and a long lasting one.

This public annoucement is brought to you by 'What men want' coz they know best.

Monday, September 10, 2007

Accident on the AYE

Its raining again this morning, well usually I like the rain, but somehow, I don't really like to drive in the rain.

Anyway, this morning as my usual route was jammed quite badly, I decided to go by a diffrent way. As I was exiting yuan ching exit to AYE, just on my right lane, about 10 meters in front of me, a motorbike skidded and the rider fell.

Problem was that he skidded in the wrong place and the wrong time. He skidded in front of one of those huge trucks that moves earth(soil), those that you see at construction sites. Being so big and having lots of inertia, the driver had no chance to stop in time.

I saw the motor bike and rider go under the truck. The bike got spat out towards its left and hurled in front of my lane and the rider came out the back. The moment I saw the accident my instincts took over, I braked and let everything happened infront of me and made sure I was not a part of the accident.

I drove past the wreckage and the rider with caution, making sure not to make a bad situation worse. I got Lil miss whiny to call the emergency number rite after that. Though we both hope that the rider survived the ordeal, inmy mind, after seeing how his body was contorted, I got this bad feeling that his chances are very slim.

To think that with this day and age, that we are so exposed to all the hollywood productions, that were are used to seeing car crashes, sparks flying and people dying. Yet when that becomes a reality, so how its hard to accept that what just transpired did happen.

Its not the rider's fault, its not the truck driver's fault either, they were just in the wrong place at the wrong time. I beleived that the rider might have skidded off either the lane markers or the arrows on the road, as these white painted markings are very slippery when wet, and its a very wet day.

So for all those riders out there, remember to be cautions of the markings on the road when the weather is wet.