Tuesday, August 29, 2006

The car gods still hate me

Its been awhile since I posted abt my car, but it has not been trouble free. Funny how things like to come all at once? OK these are the problems with my car currently.

Tires $120

Recently I had yet another one of those tire going flat on m y incidents, this time round I picked up a nail in my tire. The repair this time costs me $8 when the 1st time it cost me $5(inflation?) Then there is teh irritating fact that both my rear tires suffered from uneven wear means I need to replace both tires soon.

Rear Suspension $300

It turns out that the rear suspension may be the one causing all this problem and is suspected to be damaged, thus I would need to spend money to replace them else teh uneven wear problem will magnify in future.

Air con problems $150$195

Then just these few days my air con is starting to act up and may need to be checked, suspected thermostat problem and my need to re gass after they ar edone with the repairs.

Thats almost $600 worth of repairs for my poor car. Where am I going to find $600? I dun think i can pull that much dough out of my ass this time as I am still paying thru my ass for the tank I bought recently(which I very much love), Maybe I shld start a 'pity me' fund and will even flash a boob or 2 if someone is willing to pay for my car woes...oh well if only I was a gurl that might have worked. I guess teh extra income I am getting at the end of teh year will go into teh repairs of teh car thus, almost not having any extra income(there goes the dream of me saving).

Maybe its thru abt what they say abt cars and tehir warrenties, it only last 3 years becoz usually thats when the car starts to fall apart.

In the end it cost me much more than I expected it to be...oh well really broke now, I think I will survive on instant mee for teh next 2 weeks now :P

Tuesday, August 22, 2006


Grab your mouse and double click.....

The internet is for porn....
The internet is for porn....
The internet is for porn, porn, porn....

Opps...wrong topic, i got carried away again. Anyway I watched click last nite, its more than a flick abt a guy whom gets a remote that controls all adpects of his life. I wun give away much but calling the show a senseless comedy is not doing justice to it. It is quite well scripted with lines like :

Kid: my dads stereo is bose
Adam sandler : what? your dad's stereo blows?

In the end of the day, aside from the cheap 'dog humping stuff doll' gimicks. The show was much more intelligent than it really is. I would recommend ppl to watch it before its run ends.

Monday, August 14, 2006

Humans are such ugly creatures

We had an official tamiya event on saturday. We had a barricade this time to keep assholes children away from our tanks this time. I knew that we should have lefgt at ard 6pm when the horde started to amass, yet for some strange reason I decided, on better judgement, to continue becoz the rest ddi not want to leave stating that they wun cross the barrier.

At 850pm, teh crowd we massing right infront of us, ard us, everywhere and we are surrounded by every cheebye in teh world. still our barricade held. we were packing our stuff when teh fireworks started. Then all hell breaks loose. coz they cheebyes are not smart enuff to know where the fireworks will be they were all positioned inthe wrong place. When teh 1st fireworks went off, ppl charge and broke down our barricades and were on a stampede towards our buildings, obstacles and equipement we had place for teh battle field. These selfish bastards only cared abt seeing some motherfuckercheebye fireworks like its the end of the world.

I shouted at them to no avail and teh crowd pushed on. One kid steped on my friend's $700 dollar tank and another friend pushed him of away, angering the kids father whom want to start a fight with my friends. the fuckers 1st broke pour barricades, trampled on our stuff and still want to start a fighjt with us thinkingthey are in the right? What indignent creatures they are to be so full of themselves.

And did I mentioned teh trash they left behind when conducting their human stampede? The fuckers are really bastrads and left teh whole place littered. I have never been so ashamed of being a singaporean in my life.

Sometimes you really see the ugliness of ppl for simple things such as a fireworks display. Esp in singapore when evveryone does not want to miss out on something free like some fireworks in the sky, whole life never seen fireworks b4 is it? There is a saying, 'there are leaders and there are sheep, which are you?'

Friday, August 11, 2006

No Mood

My tank broke down and tomorrow's the event.

Why does shit like to hit the fan so much?

Thursday, August 10, 2006

Humans are evil in nature

So much has past the last week that I can barely begin. Ong thing I am sure is that humans are evil in nature. Most of my frustration was abt yesterday when I was at ms to have a demo oif tamiya tanks for teh event they are holding there now.

As I was having fun with my tank, I get children running up to the tanks jumping in front ofit, trying to grab it, trying to do something funny. Then one kid, one bitch, ran and jumped over my tank. That was it, I went up to the kids and shouted at all of them and that sent them scurrying away.

Where the fuck are the parents of these kids not know how to control their cheebye children. They think very fun hor, you think when they break my tank they can pay for it meh? Its 900 freaking dollars you assholes and not some cheap 100 dollar toy.

The ppl are extremely bad this time round. instead of letting us play with out tanks on our green patch of grass they were standing ard us and cornered us into a 1/4 of the normal size we normally had excess to. standing ard gawking like we are some freak show. Fucking move back out of the grass patch you cheebyes, like never see big men playing withtheir tanks b4 is it.

Its going to be a long weekend all of a sudden and i dread looking forward to it.

Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Battle Day 23 Jul 1943

It was a hot day in the desert when a lone Sherman tank went scouting out front into enemy territory.Just weeks before the Germans took over this territory with their Blitzrieg tactics and it was sure that a healthy number of tiger tanks are in the area.

Still the commander of the tank pushed on.


At the other end of the dry river bed crossing lies 2 tiger I tanks in wait, though both from different units, they were both sent together on the same route for guard duty of the bridge. Being dug in well teh sherman had no chance of spotting the 2 tanks


Shots rang out and the sherman took a critical hit to its engine compartment, slowing it down by almost half. Seeing the enemy in both superior technology and numbers,the tank commander decided to flee the scene. Tiger I tank 123 on seeing the fleeing Sherman, gave chase and easily kept up with it since the american tank's engine took a hit earlier.


With another shot meeting its mark at the back of the turret, the sherman commander decided to try to go on the offensive, but alas its turret ring was hit and it jammed. With some luck, Tiger 123 was ordered to pull back, or was it something more sinister?


German High command wanted a target to test their latest prototype, a Tiger II that the germans just conceived, the Tiger II tank 300.


Rolling ever so slowly teh behemoth approached its intended prey. Lumbering as its underpowered engine roared to the strain it was being pushed into.


Turning its giant turret, tank 300 took its aim. Seconds felt like minutes as the sherman crew tried to bail out of their tank as the feeling of impending doom overcame them.


With a single shot from the powerful 88mm cannon, the sherman was completely destroyed. One this dark day teh germans won, a 3 to 1 vitory but still a win.

As you can tell we are having lots of fun battling the tanks. the main event to watch out for is this coming 12th fo Aug where tehre will be a full battle day to demo these tanks for a tamiya event.