Wednesday, May 27, 2009


I just realized that I did not talk about the trip to japan last year. Well I went for the tokyo game show, seeing that how I like games and also saw the year's before show on a taiwanese channel, I really wanted to go for one just once in my life. Aside from that, we had always wanted to go to japan anyway.

We managed to somehow get seats on the (then) new A380 and even got to sit on the upper deck. As the plane was new, the entertainment system worked flawlessly and the flight was very comfortable, less some chatty guys sitting just behind us.

Upon arrival we set out to the task of looking at the train map and getting our tix to tokyo, which was one of the most efficient and cheapest way to get to where we need to go. Toyko is a very nice place, the weather is very cool (autum period) but almost everyday seems a bit grey, which we did not mind.

One one the things I remembered most about the trip is that I found this niffty game at teh arcades there. Its called Kidou Senshi Gundam: Senjo no Kizuna which means mobile suit Gundam: Bonds of War. As you can see from the linked page, its not your average arcade game. In this game you sit in a P.O.D enclosed and away from teh outside world and it replicates a cockpit of a mobile suit.

I have always wondered how its like to pilot one since my childhood days as I grew up watch the japanese anime of the same franchise. Now given the chance, I could not let it pass and even figured out how to get the pilot card you will need to play the game. Although costing 500 yen per play of 2 rounds of 250 secs. It was worth every yen it cost.

Now back in Sillypore, still thinking of the time I had back then, still holding on to my pilot card, I recetly found out that the game is ported to the psp. Of course this excited me, as the game left me wanting for more back in japan. So after hearing about the game 2 weeks ago, and trying all the ways to get a DLed version of the game to work on my psp (which does not run on CFW), I finally relented and got myself a (not so) new psp slim for my OFW needs.

I have been on the game almost everyday and now I have learnt new ways of playing it and even unlocked all the mobile suits that I could only hope to have during the time when I was on the arcade machine. I even learned a few new tricks about teh game and am ready for teh real deal again.

Good thing is that I am goingto Hong Kong in about a months time and I heard they have the same game there. Now I just wonder if my pilot car will work there.