Monday, August 29, 2005

The next 2 Weeks

The weekend was a rather sad one for me, I had bad interference to my new plane when I was about to land it and it crashed rather badly, so bad that the plane is unrepairable, and one of the motors is damaged. Oh well my luck caught up with me.

In other news lil miss whiney got herself a new phone and she is having a lot of fun with it. she got the money, I dun else I would have got myself a replacement for the plane :(

Oh yeah I will not be ard for the next 2 weeks, government dictates I go on an all expensed paid holiday to the north, Sungei Gadong to be exact, yes I am on reservist till then and most likely wun be able to update my blog.

Friday, August 26, 2005

Lomotell, students and a whole lot of banting

Yesterday after reading some tonorrow best reads, I came across a blogger talking about the BooogerBurger King's new lamb burger. Dun know if it was Booger's Mary's BK's lamb that started to turn pmy inards upside down by raming it ard inside. I had really bad diahorrea 1 hr b4 the show.

I had to take medication so that I wld not have to run out in the middle of teh show clutching my ass. Took 2 lomotell pills and it was as good as saying shit no more. These lomotell pills are great, they are as small as birth control pills and they taste slightly sweet, yet with just one pill it can stop shit dead in its tracks.

Well I took 2, and since last nite till now, I still cannot shit. Now from being diahorreaed I am constipated, well dun nurse NG :X Thats what i get for self medication.

Today at lunch sat next to a student whining about the mistake she made on bidding the philosophy lecture thinking that she can use wad she learn to persuade her mom to buy her a car. Now lets look at reason, if these so called lecturers are so good at it, why be a lecturer? Why not persuade someone to let them be a CEO or even better the president? I say our young do not read the fine print anymore as I am sure that it will tell them wad they are getting themselves into if they did.

Btw you can actually watch all the lectures that are webcasted, sometimes if you are interested in a class you want to bid, you can always check out teh 1st lecture of previous sem and see if this is wad you want for teh rest of your sem. It will save you lots of time and lost of bidding points.

Tuesday, August 23, 2005

I got the BESTEST handphone ever....evAr

My nokia 6100 has a very special feature. It turns off on its own when you are in the middle of a conversation. This is a very neat feature, really, with it you can :

not worry about saying goodbye

dun have to put up with pesky credit card telemarketers

dun have to talk to naggy mothers/gf/siblings

dun have to put up with boss's calls

hide soemwhere and blame the phone for not being contactable

With so many perks, I must love it more rite? I must say that dropping it a few times did help me develop this niffty feature. If you guys want to have your very own cut-off-while-speaking software, kindly loan me your handphone for a period of 7 to 14 days and i will try to drop it as much as i can so that you can enjoy teh same perks as I do.

Monday, August 22, 2005

Once upon a time in IRC

I used to IRC, oh yes I do, remember the days when ppl have grp meetings and then they state an allocated place to meet and have a dresscode/callsign/password to initiate contact? Oh yes I do, those were the wonderful days....NOT!!

I dread and seldom go for grp outings, to be identified with a nick name or such. Then there is the 'have to approach teh grp protocol' so that ppl wil know you ar emeeting them for 'wadeever' event.

It has been almost a year since I stop IRCing, the place I was in for 4-5yrs. I dun miss it, not all the creeps that ask for young gals company in exchange for money, not all the assholes whom pick up flame was with you to prove that their ego(read as penis) is bigger, not all teh fake bitches that want to have free rides/food/stuff and entice guys to go after them.

IRC is full of sick ppl whom think of wonderful ways to screw your mind. Though not all are bad, 90% of them are really weird. I guess ppl in IRC are most of teh time goofing off and not really into making real friends. As for myself I do not have a single IRC friend that I have met thru the years that I keep in contact at all.

Ppl in IRC are very reserved in opening up, frankly speaking can you trust someone that you only talk to online for months about your darkest secrets? Then there is teh backstabing, the hypocrisy and flame wars that ppl create just becoz you are more popular, look at them a wrong way or just plainly hate your face.

Though its a fact that I met lil miss whiney mainly on IRC 1st, when she approached me that she read my blog and found it interesting. I was intrigue that someone was even interested to read my crap let alone finding it interesting. Well all I can say is that since we read each others blog more than chatted in IRC, I guess we found that we knew each other more an dcan relate to each other better.

I am not saying meeting ppl thru blogging is better as blogging was never meant to be a means of meeting ppl, just an avenue to vent pent up frustration, thoughts and wad not. but so far those that got to know each other thru blogging are less infantile than those meeting in IRC. i am talking about mentality here not age.

Thursday, August 18, 2005


Today is one of those kannina days. Wake up early for work, found out that I forgot to clean up teh labbit toilets. rush to work in foul mood alrdy, then half way thru morning recording, lecturer hung the microphone up for no reason. Kenna fucked for audio too soft when lecturer did not want to use mic. Then kenna fuck for video quality poor, when they use cheapo cameras, wad they expect. Nehmind.

Then I had to go some where else for another recording, parking lot everywhere full....kannina, nehmind. Go somewhere else, got 2 lots, but the CHOW CHEEBYES that work here dun know how to fucking park a car properly? 2 seperate lots both unusable becoz these mutheer farking CHEEBYEs dunknow how to park. Nehmind.

Found a lot 10 mins walk away, boh bian take it. walk allthe way back to the LT and then there was one empty lot now. CHOW CHEEBYE, play with me is it, make my fucking park so far and then now got empty lot. I curse you cheebyes, lan jiao rot off.

Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Hot ribena

Having lunch in a crowded canteen with lots of whining students while sipping my hot ribena thru a straw sure feels weird. Very weird.

Students are whining about how they cannot access the CORs and how they are fucked that they cannot bid and all. These students, all so drama.

I think I should go down to the second floor and flip and few switches and turn off some servers, that will definitely make my day :)

Monday, August 15, 2005

Its official.... I work with morons

This morning I had lots to do when I get back to office. 1stly I had to set up a pc in some obscure LT that had a lecture in the afternoon. at 1st I am told that the ITUs will be handling the case. But to my horrors I found out that this is not the case.I am supposed to do the case instead, WTF. I called my super, to tell him that he has nicely put me up for 10-12, 12 -2 and 2-4 slot, so when is my lunch break?

He said he would get someone to do the 12-2 slot, so I tot, turns out that he now says he did not say that and I am supposed to do that slot too. I did not bring the key as I did not think that I would be doing it. So I called back and ask wtf am I supposed to do now, Am I supposed to get gastric becoz you CHEEBYES are morons?! Super says he will relieve me, easy for the fuckter to say that, he will surely come late and I will not have time enuff to eat coz he cannot get his lazy ass to get here quick enuff.

Now now you say, why not complain to my manager to get things sorted out, I would love to, but of course teh world hates me enuff to have me working for a someone whom is totally bias against me. YEEEHAW I love my life. Its like being caught btw a rock and a hard place.

Lucky for me, I got the PC set up in record time found a parking lot near my 1st session and at least that much is working for me. I got this feeling in my gut that my company is EXPLOITING ME becoz I got my own personal car. I do not claim mileage at all from work, but I use my car ever so often to move the equipment here and there. NAH BEH CHEEBYE, why can't they ever give me a fucking break.

I got a new tagline : N*S, raping its staff asses since 1905

Wednesday, August 10, 2005

National Day feels.....

Empty this year, I mean every year before there was some sort of feeling that it is national day, but this year it came and went unnoticed, well at leats for me. I was at a party somewhere in bedok, thus I didnot hear teh jet planes, nor did I see teh fireworks.

Furthermore I had to wake extra early the next day as work schedule is hell to begin with. All this in my mind, how the hell would I enjoy national day? In the end it felt like another holiday that did not mean a thing to me.

I wonder if more and more ppl feel this way for national day, that is is all but another holiday. Maybe that is why more ppl do not feel patriotic these days, aside from the rise of virtually everything. Maybe if the gargerment can give some respectful answers to many of the decisions it made in recent times to the people, we wun e that disgrunted, well maybe.

Friday, August 05, 2005

Your side....My side...Your side...My side......

Its funny that watching a sci fi series can teach you a bit of life. I have been watching the last season of farscape(season 4) for the past 1 week. there was this particular episode that really made me think, it was an episode that the lost in space astronaut John Criton finally gets back to earth.

He was quite shocked that teh american government in the show would not want to share teh alien technology that was shared to them with the rest of the world. John, well he was chased ard the whole universe by badass ugly 'Mofo' aliens whom want the contents in his brain, is appalled that humans are so narrow minded not to put aside their racial and political differences to work towards the good of the whole world.

And form the looks of how we are progressing in the real world, I think his fears are real. We as a species is very infantile, we call each other names or put down each others egos to stroke our own. We kill for pleasure, threaten the world with nuclear weapons to acheive some sort of peace. Man, now I know why I am so anti-human at times. We are not looking at the bigger picture. One day some alien badass will see how frilled up we are and blow the dren out of us.(frill = fuck, dren = shit)

They will see an infantile race that cannot even put away their differences, a race that loves to kill each other and think, heck why not do them a favour and then...BOOM....THE END

Why not put aside all the differences we have, whether its age, sex, race or religon?

Blogs I stalk

Was reading an old friend's post and this is what he had to say in it

I must write this down.

Me, Jack and DD meet at a pub over the weekend, bitching and whining about our current job. Funny thing is, from work talk we jumped to beer talk and we actually got into a fervent argument about what’s the best beer in town.

And right at this moment a very cute waitress pop by. Being the cheeky bastard DD is, he stopped her. “Can I have the best beer in the world, a Hoegarden please.”
Not to be outdone, I also chipped in, “I will also have the best beer in the world, but not Hoegarden. It’s Erdinger. Dark one hor.”

Jack pondered for a moment and ordered a glass of red wine instead.

We both looked him. “So how come you not drinking your Heineken?”

He looked at us solemnly and said, “If you guys not having beer, neither am I.”


He is on funny dude and his readings though having long breaks btw them are generally quite fun to read

Thursday, August 04, 2005

How much linkin park is too much?

Obviously some Eng students think its a good idea to play Linkin park's 'somewhere I belong' to one of their club's promo video. Well its a good idea the 1st time you see it, then when the thing loop every 3rd or so song it just gets irritating. I do not have anything against linkin park, but I am stuck at where I am and I cannot close my ears, thus I am stuck listening it being blasted at the highest volume you idiots think its possible.

Dun get me wrong, linkin park is good in a concert, or even in a live pub, but for a promotional video that loops every 7 or so minutes? I dun think so. It makes everyone ard too angsty, makes me feel like throwing one of the 15 inch monitors at someone with no apparent reason. So then pls stop with the looping, at least either lower the volume or play something more soothing.

Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Chronicles of a lost hand phone

Between 7 and 8pm : Lil Miss Whiney called and informed me of lost handphone

8 - 9pm : we both frantically call Hp to find out if it is ringing.

10 plus pm : someone picks up the phone but leaves it in his/her bag, I listen to it and hears the person is in a MRT train going northwards (city hall then dhoby gout)

1030 pm : Someone from LMW's office calls me and informs that she may have a lead of the whereabouts of the said Hp, it may have been stolen

722am : There was a missed call from LMW's Hp on my Hp

825am : another woman called me to inform me that she found the note in the toilet about the missing Hp and she has it, informing me to ask LMW to call her when she gets to office.

So in the end, the Hp was not stolen or did the person had teh intention and maybe decided not to after some serious thoughts. At leat not she will get her Hp back. I think I need to surgically sew the thing on her so that she will not loose it.