Friday, August 29, 2008

Oh Good Gawd what are they teaching in Uni these days!!!??

I was sitting at a table outside one of the LTs today and these 2 gurls decided to just share a table with me(without asking) I was minding my own business untill this caught my interests.

One of the gurls was toking abt meeting some indian guy at some club or something. Then the other gurl, lets call her gurl B asked, is he high class indian or low class indian.

Well according to her, 'high' class indians are indians that speak english, and not put a lot of oils and fragrance on their bodies, while 'low' class indians are those that speak tamil and put those oils that indians normally put. This coming from a person whom is studyingin a respectable uni here.

What the hell are they teaching ppl here when such mind sets can occur, where ppl put labels because of what they speak or how they smell. The thing is one should look at oneself before labelling others. I feel like i am in high school when I heard that line. The way she spoke as though she sounded like she is perched on the higher echeloens of society, when she looks like just any other student here.

My respect of the students here just fell a few notches(not like it was very high to begin with).

Monday, August 11, 2008

Being Responsible is....

That you know when to admit to your own shit and clean it up. By playing victim and saying that you wish to runaway/die/was never born is just plain childish and shows how matured you are.

I beleive in 'one should take responsibility of one's own action'.

I think another phrase comes to mind if you ask me what my opinion is and that is 'don't eat and shit in the same place'. Rather unhealthy don't you think?