Thursday, January 31, 2008

Wish List Revisited

Well time to look at my wish list again and update it a little bit more. I gone withteh plunge and got a few more of teh items in that list but my pockets are burning big holes now.

1) A new Radio control (JR DXS9)
2) A new Tank (Tamiya Panther?)
3) A new console (xbox 360?)
4) New batteries for planes
5) New planes (Nice F15 in Jet hobby)
6) New lenses for my Ruby Oakleys, maybe even a new frame
7) New Hard disk for the PS3(>200GB for <$250)
8) New PC games
9) New hardware to run the new games
10) Xbox Game Called steel battalion with all its controllers

As you can see 5 out of 10 is not bad eh. Oh well, on the side note, I see CNY eve havingto work till 6pm a bitch.

Monday, January 28, 2008

More OT

Just found outthat the vegan colleague is only coming back onteh 6th....

That means that I will carry on covering his duties till 5th, the 2 days b4 CNY where a lot of last minute jobs are requested....

'Oh Yippie' -_-

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Letter Janise

Dear Janise

We have missed your daily/weekly/monthly attics and all your Janisim. Lil miss whiny and I know you are now busy with work and life is just so much more miserable. Please do drop us a line from time to time or even better come into MSN when your tired body allows. We hope to go KTV again soon. Hope to hear from you soon.

Your popo

Monday, January 21, 2008

Things that Irk me...

Recently I think my tolerance for anything is really low. I get irritated by small things, maybe its me, maybe its them, who knows. Lets see what are the things that irk me so these few days

-Crazy weather that chooses to rain and stop and start again like taunting me.
-Students that talk a lot in class even when the lecturer is not done.
-Home tech support (nuff said)
-Money Issues (after calculating that I may not have enuff afterall)
-Crazy work hours

I hope these 2 weeks blow by quicker, but having such crazy work hours, I cannot help but feel the week getting longer each day.

Friday, January 11, 2008

Shit Hitting The Fan

The new term is aboutto start and things have been a lil crazy these days. To make things a lil more hairer, my vegan colleauge is off to serve his reservist for teh next 3 weeks. That means that i getto take over his duties, on top of mine.

For all the shit heads thinking that I am whining again, imagine this, you have to work everyday day for the next 3 weeks at 730am, and then imagine this, that you can only go home at 8pm, on firday's there is a special, yougetto go home at 10pm. How nice hor?!

Its just funny that I work in a place that is supposed to be known as avery relaxed, yet I get fucking crazy schedules, yet some ppl whom work in other depts, refuse to do OT citing that they got lives and family commitments. Thus all their OT jobs ended up with the 3 of us. So we got no life or familys eh?

Yet I still get a just pass rating for my performance, man if this is not shit hitting the fan i wonder what is.

Wednesday, January 02, 2008

A lil Recap

Juat a small update to those that are interested what I have been doing while on leave all this time. Well for one I do not update my blog or read blogs or even come online when I am on leave or at home. Cause I got thousand and one things to do.

Anyway this was my past 3 weeks.

16th of Dec : Had my tea ceremony

Yup finally did the ceremony, now there is nothing that is outstanding.

17th - 21st of Dec : went to Taipei

Taipei was fun, the weather was cool, like there is aircon everywhere. Tried their hot spring and also their road side stalls that sold lots of things to eat. The taiwan sausage there is nothing like the crap we get here that is over preserved. They got very nice BB guns that I cannot get or bring them into sillypore.

28th of Dec : Had a brush with death

While I was crossing the road at Lido from wheellock, the light was well in my favour when suddenly 2 meters in front of me a red mitsu colt dashed out. The colt hit a odessy that was in the cross traffic (light was inthe favour of the odessy) and ended up in the opposite direction of the other lane at scotts road. Turns out that it was a female driver. Am still thinking if I want to make a more detailed post about this.

29th of Dec : BBQ and KTV

Had BBQ at my bros place and then went to meet some of ppl at Boat Quay for KTV. A lot of drinks were served. I only had green tea. Went home at 2am

30th of Dec : Dinner at canivores

Had dinner with a few friends and Jaywalk. The food was not too bad, but the price is high. After that we end up at movida at St james, which was a lil dead that nite (being a sunday night) Had a few drinks and went home at 2am again.

31st Dec and 1st Jan : Stay at home

Was playiong warhawk on ps3 these 2 days, as did not feel like going out.

And that is it. Anyway went to watch 'I am Legend' in taipei, the show was a lil disappointing.