Wednesday, January 17, 2007

The Car Gods Hate Me.... AGAIN

My air con broke down, somewhere within teh system there is a leak. The workshop tells me that I have to replace the cooling coil, it cost 300, plus the extra labour to remove my whole dash board cost another 300. Some how I felt I was ripped off and yet with no aircon, I had no choice but to do it so I had to say yes to the exorbant price.

Got my car back yesterday and after driving for 3 hours or so, the hissing sound of a leak of teh air con started again, On top of that teh air selection switch that used to hold when I double press on the switch, off the engine, turn on again, the switch is reseted again. nothing i do can rectify it. Some how I feel it was screwed up by the mechanics.

Have to bring the car down again to the workshop tml to have them look at the problem. If they dun solve the problem, i am going to revert the credit card charges and let them deal with them instead, I did not pay 600 for the problem to still be there and on top of that screw up my air selector switch