Monday, July 24, 2006

What have I been busy with

Lately I have been busy with a new hobby, well not quite new, but an extension of my current hobby, which is flying radio controlled planes. I recently got to know this group of ppl whom run radio controlled tanks and conduct war games. I have always been wanting to have a mini war with my R/C stuff but only recently has it been not just a dream but something that I could really do.


These 1/16 scale tanks not only run like their real counterparts but their turrets traverse and guns can be elevated. It does not stop there, there is a comupter in these tanks which mimics the sound of the real tank when you throttle up, turn the turret and even fire the machine gun and main gun.


Aside from the mimicry of sound of the tank, adding a battle system allows you to shoot an infra red 'round' at your opponent tanks, those that are equipped with teh same unit when hit but one such round, will cause the tank to sound out as though it got hit by a real round, the LEDs on teh battle system will flash momentary and teh performance of the tank will degrade. Upon enuff hits, the tank with 'explode' or at least make it sound like it did and 'die' for ten seconds.


If you had not noticed yet, these are the pics of my tank, I will put up other pics of my friends tanks in the next post to show you how much fun we are having.


Edit : All the pics are taken by Lil Miss Whiney with her digital SLR :P

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Just my luck

Often we think that going to watch a movie is a simple affair, you get your tix, you find your seat, plok down and watch a movie in a comfortable theatre. But dun forget that murphy will be at every corner getting read to bite you when he can.

Ok all I wanted to do was to watch a simple movie, namely priates of the caribbean 2, upon entring the theatre and finding my row, the 2 seat which I book had ppl sittingnext to it on both sides. Fine sqeeze in thats all, but on my side of teh seat next to me sat this bigger sized woman. Ok i have nothing against bigger sized woman, the only thing I had a problem was, that this woman was big enuff to occupy 1 and a half seat and instead of booking a seat that is towards the side where she will have free reign in terms of space, she had to book one next to the middle seats and try to take both arm rest for herself.

Later on this family of 6 + 1(maid) came sitting right behind me, it was a family of 3 five yr olds( or so ) and a toddler, who teh hell brings 5 yr olds to watch pirates of the caribbean? It is not a kiddy show and most of the time the kids were either asking wad is going one, had no clue abt the show thru start to move ard and started to fight over a cup of drink. Which I have had it up till that point, turned ard and shoosh the lil farker. The parents( whom definitely were of no good up bringing too as they did not do anything to control their kids ) just sat there not even embarrased by their actions.

Then the lady next to me, you know th big one, kept on puching her arm into my space. Not only the whole arm rest was now her jurisdiction, she pushed on to have her elbow pushing against me. I of course push back, but this cheebye, felt that she had paid more than I did for teh seat and decided that she shuld have 1 and a half seats instead. I hate to make a scene in this kind of situation, thus after puching her back and she not relenting, I gave up and move closer to miss whiny, incidently she thought that I shld have made a commotion and push the fat farker all teh way back into her seat, but I digress.

The last thing is that for some reason, golden village sets the aircon to a certain number of ppl in the hall, thus if you exceed that number of ppl in the hall that nite, the room turns into an instant sauna with a movie screen. why can't the system know that the theatre is going to be full and thus turn the air con up a notch, cost savings I guess.

Monday, July 17, 2006

The whiner a cavewoman?

The other night during teh world cup season as we were hungry all of the sudden at ard 11pm and were both too lazy to go out to get something to eat, so we ended up calling Mc donalds to get some unlucky bloke to haul his ass across the heartlands just to provide some lazy asses their semi warm food.

Due to world cup season then, the rider took more than 1 and a half hours to get the now cold food to us. When the 20 piece nuggets got here, the whiny one being so damn hungry was grunting happily away. Its the type of grunt that monkeys make or 'cavemwoan' in this case, you know like,

'huh huh huh huh huh'

Wad I find so funny is that even after consuming a few chicken pieces she was still grunting like hunger has reverted her to this primal state. I was so amused by it that it annoyed her. Just wondering are we all cavemen deep down in there, when oone of our basic emotions run wild and take over us, do we revert to grunting savages?

Monday, July 03, 2006

Growing up Gracefully

Most ppl have this drive to grow up as fast as they could. As kids, dun u wish when you were told you are too young for something(i.e. watch a show, drive a car, insult your teacher, have sex with your teacher, etc...) that you are XX age alrdy so you could do all those things.

Me, I wanted to stay young forever, not wanting to grow up and having all teh respobnsiblity of grown ups. Yes there are perks being grown ups, like owning yoru own car and all, but when you are young, you can have all the time to do wad you felt like doing then. Of course being young means you dun have the spendiing power like you are as an adult, but still, you can party and not worry abt work teh next day. At most sleep in class the next day.

But there are many ppl that want to grow up so soon that by doing so they will never really have a childhood. Come to think of it, when they grow old and senile, do you call it a second childhood for these ppl or their 1st?

I think growing up shld be done slowly, like fine wines, why they take so long to age properly, coz if you rush them, they might turn sour. Life is too short to be rushing through to be adults, enjoy your childhood when you can. else when you grow old, you will regret it.