Friday, March 31, 2006


Sitting next to a group of ssame sex orientated gurls in teh canteen a few questions start to swirl in my head.

Why do I meet self centred ppl so often?
Why do same sex orientated gurls have extra squeaky squirmy voices?
Why do they speak as though only they mattered?
Why do they give other ppl sitting next to their table weird looks?

Then again when I was getting my food other why questions apear

Why do students like to stand at teh narrow entrance to any stairs to talk?
Why do some students tok extra loud as though they are the only ones ard?
Why do some dumb students even exists?

And while passing my time this week some questions pop in my mind

Why do ppl liek to prve that they have a bigger penis by dissing ppl in an online community?
Why do ppl like to irriate others for their own pleasures?
Why are there inconsiderate ppl ashrew?

So many questions so little time

Monday, March 13, 2006

Its hard to keep up

Its hard to blog much nowadays, with hours divided to aorking long hours and teh rest of it to devote to my empire building of X3, i am left with almost no time to blog, thus teh sporatic burst now and then. Maybe its just me or that I could hardly find a thing to blog abt, or events happen so fast in my life that it flies past me b4 I can get a mental note to say that i would blog abt it that day. Anyway will uupdate less here for teh time being, well at least until I find that I need to scream but have no mouth again.

Thursday, March 09, 2006

Happy days

Its a happy day when the sun shines
Its a happy day that no birds pooed on your car
Its a happy day when things work for once
Its an extremely happy day when you see 4 cars owned by students getting clamped for illegal parking in school.

If you asked me, they deserved it, damn students.

Brokeback broke my back

Watch brokeback mountain 2 nights ago, was not a bad flick abt gay cowboys that kept saying they are not queer(rite....). The pace was ok, the show was rather solemn. There were small things that I picked up, abt jack lying to (wadever his name) that he was having an affair with some foreman's wife when he actually was having it with the foreman himself.

What got me was how it all started. There was no lead up to the 1st gay sex scene, none wadsoever. I mean 2 men in the cold sleeping in the same tent, will they all of a sudden take each other's pants off and fuck one another? The thing is, they potrayed the 2 men as very manly men whom dun have a slight sense of going for another guy's ass, then that happened.

I guess its another one of those ployline things where it was a convienient way of making them gay fast. Anyway its not bad a show, just things happened too fast with no lead up, and yet the show managed to be ard 2 and half hrs long.

Tuesday, March 07, 2006

More snippets from teh canteen...

Guy1 : Eh now got marriage bonus abt 2.5K

Guy2 : quick lets find someone to marry

Guy3 : And then divorce and remarry can get the bonus all over again

All : Ahahahhahahhaah

Dorks! dun they know that if they do that they loose half their everything when they divorce. Here I am thinkingthat this is silly[pore's future, the brightess they have to offer. There is no hope for sillypore.

Monday, March 06, 2006

New PC but at a cost....

Over the weekend, I said I wanted to look at a new PC, so we went to SLS to look ard to see wad is good on the market, plus what I can plan for for my monster machine in the months to come. Wnet to 2 different shops that quote me ard 1.3K to 1.5K for setups that I was only so so sure abt(one is a ah beng shop). Then going to a lower floor I met my father, which when he found out my intent, brought me to a shop that gave me great price for a setup I want.

New PC 1
Intel inside dun play play

So with my father ard, instead of buying the pc in april, I ended up buying it straight that day. They needed one day to put it together for me, thus can only collect it the next day. We also got a new PC box for lil miss whiny whom was complaining how old an ddirty the old box is, thus we bought a super cheapo box at 38 bucks.

New PC 3
Check out the cool alien pic on the fan that cools the GPU

The Problem with the cheap box is that I have to self tear apart my old box and put all teh components into the new one. Easy you might say eh? This box is not as intuitive as you might think, thus leading me to insert the DVD rom the wrong way and getting it stuck. Using brute force(dun try this at home) I managed to push the rom out, well at a cost, a tab in teh new box that helps support the rom was in the way when I forced the thing out, thus making a nice slice in my hand.

Hand Ouch

A trip to NUH A & E and 2 stitches later, the box now cost 108 bucks(70 bucks for treatment) save money lah...hur hur hur. Anyway it was an expensive weekend, need to peddle my ass now, I think I spent more than 1.5K overall. Oh yeah LMW bought a new LCD for her semi new pc.

Thursday, March 02, 2006

The wonders of RT

You never know you got muscle in places of your body till you strained them and they hurt like fuck the next morning. It even hurts to type this entry out, thanks hor SAF for aptly teaching me that even fingers can get sore after a work out.

On a side note, I got a new game, 'X3:Reunion' the problem is, my system is slow and at certain points the game play chugs to almost at a halt(read as whopping 1fps), now am considering shld I go to SLS to get that new 3.something GHz pc with PCIX card support an expensive graphics card and whopping 2 gigs worth of memory that will put me down $1.5K? This is money that I cannot afford, less some one nice says he/she will pay for it or at least half of it. Oh well I guess I shall peddle my ass for another yr or 2 to get teh rig I need to run this game smooth.