Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Why are they like that?

I known a few M'sian chinese friends during teh course of my working life, not sure if all M'sian chinese are like that but those that I know tend to be very self centered and fast to shift blame when things go wrong. Not saying that everyone of them are like that but just that everyone of them that I know are like that.

Dun mind me asking, or is it because they are treated like second class citizens in their own country that they have this inbuilt notion to fend for themselves everytime they get the chance to? For instance they do not think of the 'big' picture when work is involved and make everything so clear cut that what is their work and what is our work. Ok My work involves providing students with a service in the university, shld we not work as a whole to give a good service to the whole community? No not this guy, he wun come early at 8am to work becoz he thinks that 'webcast' is my work and he is 'helping' me do it, when it is for their dept.

Even when I have a schedule that dictates that i have a webcast on the same day that is late at nite, becoz of this piece of lazy shit excuse of a human being, I must work on the same day at 8am becoz he stated that their 'team' only takes webcast from 9am till 6pm and no earlier or later. I mean work starts at 830am for every one, and ends at 6pm, so in essence, he will not do OT. He has this typical I will never get taken advantage of attitude. HELLO THIS IS FUCKING SINGAPORE NOT MALAYSIA you know.

Ok I sound racist at this point of time, but in my defense, none of teh other depts give me this shit and they all work OT no matter what. I am wondering why do they keep an asshole like him ard if he is not willing to work OT? Not happy working OT go back to your frigging country. As I state earlier becoz all the malaysian chinese I worked with or encountered in my working life has this attitude, I am entitled to say they are so, that does not mean every single malaysian chinese out there ok?

They are everywhere

From north to south, east to west, everywhere I turn, i meet with them and woe is me. Woe that I have to put up with their nonsense, woe that I have to put up with their crap, Woe is me that these assholes have no sense of direction, yes i am talking about these foul creatures. They are known as........... P PLATE DRIVERS!!!!!

Oh P plate drivers why do you :

Drive on the right most lane when you only want to go 50 km/h
Turn left from the right lane
Turn into the filter lane halfway and then trun out of it trying to go straight.
Float in between 2 lanes
Try to filter into the lane I am in at the moment

I am sure that when i was a P plater just some months ago, I was never this dumb nor incompetent at driving. But you know what? The worst offenders are from women P plates, how come I am not surprised.

On other news......

Well some ppl will never learn. I will be watching with much interest as how things develop. Btw ask you guys a question, even if a person wins multiple awards, big fuck meh?

Tuesday, July 26, 2005

When Subbers fight

Watched a parody of a sub of Gundam seed destiny epi 40 early monday morning which I painfully took 3 hrs to dl. The start of teh epi was ok until the intro song, then all hell broke loose, they sub it in a way that pointed to sexual content about getting teh shirt of teh female captain off and other sexual references.

Then they included rumoured spoilers in upcoming episodes, gave funny names in regards of the original sub group. There is word that there was some arguement within the group which caused it to disband. If you are not following the series it would have been very 'HAHA' funny, but it is frustrating to watch since I have been watching it from teh start. I wanted to carry on watching the progressionof the story not a hormone ncduced parody of the series becoz some pimply kid got too emo and had arguements with each other.

Thus I ended up spending another 4 hrs DLing the proper version and only managed to watched the epi at 7am in the morning, with eyes still heavy. Times like these you have to wonder why ppl cannot get along.


However we blog, what ever we write, there will always be ppl whom try to be politically correct, or shld i say blogiticlly correct. I guess its weird that ppl have tod o that, its weird becoz blogging was (and should have always be) for oneself. Yet there was a lot of heat about famous bloggers blogging for their readers. Then when its no longer fun, they create a anon blog and only give the address to their person friends, which they find are all so much more fun than their famouse blog. Hence returning to the actual meaning of what a blog is.

People whom read blogs will in a way always judge, what seperates the chaff from the wheat of bloggers is how these bloggers take the comments, greater bloggers will take the critisim and learn from them, no matter how negative the comments are. Lesser ones get hurt from them and take it personally, to the extend of deleting comments or even changing them. These said bloggers are usually very narrow minded and only live in a world that they think revolves ard themselves and are often childish no matter wad age they get.

Me? I read blogs, I write about how I percieve the blogging world as it has evolved, for worst it seems most of the time. I like to analysis, whether I am rite or wrong, I do not care. I just read blogs, whether I pass judgement or not, I do not know. however if ppl want to put words in my mouth and say I pass judgement, so be it. I only post my views, wad I analysis form wad I read. It could be said a good time to be a blogger but I thinkits abad time to be one, as the media(blogger media and local media alike) distorts the views ppl post, blow things out of porportion. The public telling ppl what to post and not to post also disgust me, unless it affects myself and the person has no rite to post a certain post, picture or whatnot, the rest should just shut the fuck up.

There is also the thing about double standards, everyone has double standards, no matter what. So if you want to be hypocritical on your blog, at least be honest that you are a hypocrite and do not try to be a self righteous ass by trying to be blogitically correct, which never seems to work out. Just admit to having double standards and you might look less like an ass on your blog, well it does not always work though. If you are wondering, yes i have my own double standards too.

Then there is a recent tabloid blogger trying to unrest every secret of blogging there is, posting his/her speculations on certain matters poking where his/her ass dun belong. For ppl like that I heard there is a special kind of hell for them, one that is reserved for child rapist/killers and priest whom rape their alter boy's asses.

Monday, July 25, 2005

She is back, God help us all

Well seems like XX is finally back, hoping that she will humble herself from now on and be more 'matured' in thinking before deciding to pass judgement to the next poor soul that fouls her up. Well we can dream can't we? She is back, and she seems badder.

I have alsways been on the proverbial ass sticking fence, till today, I think that I can safely say that there is no hope for her anymore. Why I say so, well she just cannot fanthom a world outside of herself, contridicting herself countlessly in her recent entry on many issues. Well if you read the whole 'too long' post you will notice that it has myrids of double standards on issues she states.

She also tells all the ppl that says that she got what she deserved off. By saying that is a whole lot of nonsense and she has good karma....PTUUUUUIIIII, good karma my ass. I foresee that one day she is going to piss off one of her obessed fans by not dating/fucking/BJing/toking to him and with all fanatics, will maybe kidnap-cum-rape-cum-murder her. Till then its too late, the killer might get caught, so what, he might get the death sentence, so what, in the end of teh day, your body has been desecrated, your life is no more, your existence is but teh past and meaning less, is it worth being a jackass all these times.

I know I know you all will say she has her thoughts and can voice it the way she wants. So piss off, this is my blog and i have my thoughts and I can say what I want rite?

On that note she states something regarding the whole SPG isssue here

3) I am sick sick sick of the SPG thing. I believe people who get themselves agitated over the SPG issue are in actual fact, non-readers of Izzy.

Those who read Izzy's blog, and sincerely appreciate it, I believe, are educated and mature individuals - not the slimeballs that talk so much. How do I know? Because she WRITES most of the time, and not just strip. Her prose is far too... dare I say that word again, cheam, for these stupid empty vessels who have so much to say.

Furthermore, readers of Izzy will realise that she herself is not upset over what I wrote - on both occasions no less.

I will say this in a very big font lest you miss it:


Well, that's all I have to say regarding my haters. Stop jumping on to the bandwagon like that, and do not assume what you read from other people's blogs (about me) are indeed true. Take some time, read through my archives - if you still find me so loathesome, go ahead and dislike me.

I am not that bad, really. I do think I am a nice girl - just a little more frank and hot-headed than any other girl on the streets - but essentially the same.

AND KENNY AND I ARE STILL GOOD FRIENDS, THANKS FOR YOUR CONCERN! We've talked things out, and I believe this has made us understand each other a little better. =)

Well with her above statement about ppl jumping on the 'bandwagon' to dis her, I got only one thing to say. She just took her left hand with her right hand and slaped herself, cause inthe end of the day, whether ppl' dis her or not, its THEIR OPINION. Somthing she has blalantly defended for her writings as it is her blog and she can write what she feels, Same goes for other ppl, they can write anything they want, even if they dis you, same goes for any smart ass whom is gonna come into this blog and tell me that I shld not write this or that, its my blog I can write anything I want.

Lastly to all whom will say that since she makes you so pissed why read her, go click on something else, I got to say this, why not? Its my hand I I do what I do with it, whether I masturbate or click on her blog is none of your business.

There is no hope for the human race

Over the weekend, a myrid of things made me loose hope for the human race as a whole. 1stly we have the now popular hacking of XX and her picture plastered on news paper showing how disgrunted she is about teh whole affair, I mean, we have shallow assholes whom comes into a persons blog and rapes it, so how much of a moral person are we toking about by raping some persons blog.

Then there was this incident at the car park where i live, made me think twice in future about even bothering to honk ppl whom are standing in the middle of the carpark talking as though its some pub. I made a 1st friendly honk to tell them I am going out and if you dun get out of teh way I will roll all over their asses. Nope they did not move. they still con't to exchange pleasentries. I made a louder more obnoxious honk and this time they noticed I am going to roll all over their asses, they got out of the way but, instead of feeling apologetic, they stared at me, like they want to pick a fight. I stared back in disgust. What is wrong with these ppl, they think its right to have a gathering in the middle of a carpark? Somemore want to stare like wanna fight. I tell you I got my trusty steering wheel lock by my driver's seat, and you wun want to mess with it.

Then later in teh night there was this van that had no idea how to manuver in the car park of another place where I was going to have dinner. Its ok if you are old, its ok if you want to give extra space to the car in front, its ok if you hold up 10 cars behind you while you put your obnoxious ass in the middle of the road where by you could have moved to the side to wait for a lot. Instead, when he saw someone gonna come out of the lot he reversed, almost hitting my car by inches, while he gave 2 car space for teh car in front, I mean, so its ok to reverse inches away from the car behind while giving 2 car spaces to teh car in front? WTF!!!

I did what normal person will do, I horned him, and then he stopped for a while, and look out his window and tried to squeeze out again almost hitting my car. I was furious, I could not reverse as other cars have pinned me in, I pull hard rite and moved away from his van. horned the fucker and gave the full glory of my finger. drove deeper into teh lot and found lots of empty carpark lots, WTF is wrong with this foggy old man that is so set on taking that one lot when there many others aavilable.

Then this morning I came to work only to find this one lot, the problem is that the car next to it parked so close to the line that if he tried to get into his car, his door will hit mine, and the other side had so much space that an elephant can walk pass. Maybe later I will carry a steel rod I need to bring somewhere else and try to squeeze into my car and not carry whether it scratches the fucking inconsiderate fool's car. Maybe just maybe.

WTF is wrong with ppl, the things they do really makes me loose hope for them, It does not take much to be more considerate yet, they are still so inconsiderate. Fellow humans, times like these make me sigh, times like these makes me give up hope, times like these make me feel thankful I am reclused.

Friday, July 22, 2005

Something Amiss

Seems like Wonky tong got back her blog, but I do find that it was her friend that did that to her, a little senseless, I mean if a friend wants to play a prank, why would she change all her tmeplates, why would she move all her post somewhere else, and why ceratin post are deleted. It does not add up.

Where else the pink blog is still white and seems like its going to stay that way a long time. I think for someone like her, whose blog was the foundation of her fame, now lost I wonder if she will still be asked to do special shows on radio and television. I mean the world is a cruel world and once you outlive your usefullness it chucks you away like some used condom. Fucked and cumed all over.

On the side note, last nite was some crazy nite with a big group of the cowboy barflies meeting at some management inept KTV. It was fun but the KTV machcine which listed songs which it does not have is very frustrating to use. Esp when it came to english song, we were playing KTV 4D and waited fro the TV to flicker and hoped for the song to come out.

It ended real late as my godsis came only after 10pm, but we all had fun no less. Met her fiance and he seems very nice and tries hard to make my sis laff, which is a good thing as I seldom see her being with a guy that just did that. Lil miss whiny did not want to get out of bed this morning, sms me her myrid of misfortunes when I was already at work and she was rushing to for work.

Thursday, July 21, 2005

And the Hacking begins

It would have been sooner or later that some angry, jealous or just bo liao person will hack into a famous blog and do some malicious harm to your personal blog, it came sooner. Xiaxue's , aka wendy aka the sillypore's most popular blogger, site has been hacked. No details yet and I am not going to speculate.

According to her, she lost all her post but the good thing was that she backed up most of it, only the last 2 months of her work were not backed up and regretfully lost forever. Her templates are gone too, so no longer will the picture of her sitting on a cushion greet you but a plain and empty generic page from blogspot.

At this time as you can see from her last post, she has regained access to her blog and is trying to weed out the culprit. As for everyone else, there are a few lessons to learn here. 1stly, backup ur shit no matter wad, unless you can forgo all the entries you had made in the past days/months/years , secondly, be nice to ppl, you never know whom you will piss off, and from her track record, she had pissed off many, lastly, fame is not everything, sometimes being unknown safe guards you from malicious bastards and it helps if you change yoru pws regularly.

I am again on the fence sitting my ass with a picket stick up my asshole on this issue, there are too many wad ifs. I do not condone wad this cracker(the correct term of a hacker with malicious intend) did, but Wendy herself shld also take a good look on herself, I mean we do sow wad we reap u know.

A man at the gates of heaven was ask by god, 'so wad have you done in your years of life?' The man replies ' I have built empires, had had many under me, had the respect of millions' before he could finish, god spoke ' but not an inch of kindess in your heart to your peers, your brethen and fellow men', with that a loud clap came from the sky and the man was thrown from heaven into the abyss beneath.

Update : Seems like the hacking did not end with Xiaxue, another blogger , Wonky tong, has been hacked too. I guess some one out there really hate bloggers.

Wednesday, July 20, 2005

I did not know they are cloaked

I was down yesterday to Fook Hai building to get 2 motors as one had burnt out on me and I had to have 2 matched motors to power my twin engined jet. Thus on arrival I found a parking space rite in front of the building. After I parked, I surveyed the area and saw no 'parking aunties', made a quick dash into the building and in no less than 5 mins got my motors changed, paid for teh price difference and headed for my car.

Just then I saw a 'parking auntie' in front of my car. Thinking that they had just got there as I only took less than 5 mins, I made a dash to my car and said I am leaving alrdy, which she replied, she already keyed it in and was printing it out. I told her I only arrived as she could feel my hood was still hot. The kuai lan auntie replied, yes i know your hood is hot but I dun know where you go thus I surmoned you. I told her but I was only her less than 5 minutes. She then felt that she might get a stroke across her face with my baton in my car, proceed to say that I shld appeal for it and will write something on the ticket in my defense.

There are 2 things that baffles me, if you going to ask me to appeal it, why give me a ticket in the 1st place? The other thing is that where teh fuck did these 'aunties' pop out from? I did not see anyone at all for a 100 m radius from my car, went in less than 5 mins and came out and there she was, these 'aunties' also achieve a top speed of 1km/h when they go form car to car, so how the hell did she get to my car so fast. I think they hid in man holes across the city and pop out when they see you leave your car without putting a coupon.

Thus I had to make another trip down to town today to make an appeal to teh ticket at URA centre. the old man there lectures me that I shld next time put a ticket and tells me I am free to go. Not sure if I haveto pay for the fine though.

It is times like these that I lament to know more ppl, its times like these that make me relish my reclusiveness. Sometimes you just cannot help hating ppl.

Monday, July 18, 2005

The Cowboy in me

Some times what happens in real life never happens according to what you plan. I was planning to just drop lil miss whiney at the blog con as she was a volunteer there. As it was still early I wanted to just hang ard a while to pass time and later prolly go down to the hobby shop to get my motor changed.

Since I had nothing to do, I agreed to help look after the VIP room. One thing led to another my plans of going to the flying field after going to the hobby shop changed, its actually the NDP's fault, as they closed the roads into the area, it was difficult for me to drive out of the area let alone to go to the flying field and back later in the day. Then they had to block the human traffic from going into the MRT station too as they seemed to have booked the whole MRT train to transport some primary school kids for NDP. Even the tourist were making some negative comments about how sillypore handled the situation not allowing them to get their train tix even.

At the blogcon, many bloggers turned out for the event, but i wun list them as I am sure everyone else has alrdy done that to death. But my return to DXO was welcomed when makanguru pointed out that a lot of ppl has assumed that I am Cowboy Caleb, due to the clues that were given and given the fact that I was dressed similar to the description had a similar hair style of the true cowboy, so there you have it, I am now Cowboy Caleb.

Well not so if I have anything to say about it. I must say again, I am not Caleb's alter ego. The after event party was ok, well at least there were fireworks. It seems to me that the party was not as happening as the one that I attended at hideout some time ago. Not Saying I did not have fun, I had loads, when we were in our lil group consisted of, an IRC friend of lil miss whiney, her firiend and Curious George.

During the after party, there was a bit of commotion when 2 certain famous somebody exposed their chest to do a photo duet. Then there was the fiasco of getting everyone organized to go to the 'after party' after party the bulk of us went to Attica, saw how attas the place was and went home late.

My conculsion is that parties like these are best left organized in smaller groups with ppl you know better, as it got rather messy, I esp feel bad that I had no idea whom paid for the bottle opened then.

And for pete's sake, if you have not gotten it yet, I AM NOT COWBOY CALEB

Wednesday, July 13, 2005

My Car is not your Car

Last nite while I was sleeping, my bro whom had a friend over (whom was not feeling well) decided to be generous to his said friend and send her home since she was not feeling well. He thought that he could just use my car to send her home and left a note saying he was going to do that on the table.

I woke up saw the note and was pissed. I mean why he thinks that the car is a family car and why he thinks he can use it if I am not using it. He does not help me contribute to teh car or the fuel nor wash it at all. He wants to show off to his friend at my expense, which i willnot take.

I told him off and will no longer lend him my car ever, till he learns to respect my stuff and not take things for granted. I may sound mean but I am the younger brother and he is using my car like he owns it or I owe him so I must put my foot down to say no in future.

Saturday, July 09, 2005

Itchy feet

Its been a long time since I worked on a sat, well a year is a long time. Today I am supposed to work the whole day so that some pimply NUS grad can have their ceremony to graduate, take some lame photos in front of the UCC that they only visit once their whole lifetime in a gown they wear maybe once in their lifetime.

I just wonder how much of this is worth it, now that degree seems to be attainable by almost anyone. Not that I have one, but if you ask me to go get one, i think I would do rather badly as I am sure my brains have rotted out a long time ago and my body is now functioning by habit.

Anyway I could not sleep at 6:30am today, no idea why I just woke up and could not sleep anymore. Maybe the fact that today is my 1st day for duty on the commencement as I was on photoshop CS course the last 2 days. Maybe the reports of the downtime during the 1st show gave me jitters.

I woke up to itchy feet and started scratching. I then realized that there are a lot of scabs on my feet. I think I have been scratching a bit too much. I could have sworn that some commando mosquito is in my room doing gureilla tactics on me. Well at least I am going leave this room of mine to hav emy own roof soon. Lets hope I do not pack the mozzie with me.

Its going to be a big event this evening as a few guys are going to bring out their new planes and feature them at the field. My own twinjet has been given a new paint job and I intend to take some pretty pics b4 flying her. I guess all my sleepless jitters are aminly caused by teh anticipation of tonite.

Btw blog con is coming soon, not sure if i want to be known, as of it already is, I seemed to have gained a few more readers, thanks for dropping by, not that I do not appreciate you dropping by, but the fact that knowing ppl are reading sometimes scare the shit out of me. luckyily I was not known to the blogging community last year when I did the bar top dancing post. I am sure that would have been tomorrowed and a furry of readers would have followed.

Tuesday, July 05, 2005

War of the Delinquents

It was supposed to be a show to watch with Lil miss whiny in peace
It was supposed to be the hit of teh summer
It was supposed to be fun

Yet it was all but that. Not taking into the account that the show was really lacking in acting, scripting or even the visual effects department. Some young delinquents had to make the movie even less enjoyable as it is already.

Ten minutes into the show and this young punk got up from his seat went to the back(where we were seated) and proceed to open the exit. Then about 5 or six young delinquents made their way in to the nearest empty seats while the rest sat at the back on the steps leading to the door.

If they had come in quickly and quietly I would not have been so peeved. If they had not chated audiobly during the show I would not have been peeved. If they had kept their handphones on silent mode I would not be that peeved. But alas being the retards scum of the society ah bengs that they are ( with red rooster hair and all) they did all that to make me peeved. Not even mentioning that I felt ripped off taht I paid to watch the show while these delinquents watched it for free.

The worst thing is that most of these half witted dumbass ah bengs were not even interested in the show. Well I would not blame them, they seem to lack the comprehension of what the show was even about. So they were making noise with their handphones not on silent answering and sending sms throughout the show, so what do I do? I shush them of course, but one of them diao me.....the nerve of him.

Anyway I felt complelled to write this letter of complain to eng wah promptly after that :

Dear Sir/Mdm

I am writing this letter to complain about the lack of security of your branch in Toa Payoh Entertainment center. On 4th of July 2005 I purchase 2 tickets to watch your screening of 'War of the Worlds' at 9pm. Ten minutes into the show a patron walked to the exit which was in the vincinity of my seat and opened the exit door to let several young people into the cinema.

I am not sure if these people bought tickets to watch the screening, but they sat on the steps near teh exit and started to make some noise and chatted on their mobile phones. I am quite annoyed by the racket they made. I also felt cheated as I had to spend money to watch the show while these people came in without tickets and watch it for free.

I do hope that you can improve on the security of cinemas so that such an incident do not repeat itself else i would have to stop patronising your outlet or organization if such incidents happen on a regular basis.

Your Unhappy Customer

Lets see what eng wah decides to answer me. Not that I like to complain but bloody hell I paid good mony to watch a sub standard show so at least let me enjoy it taht much.

Monday, July 04, 2005

The things we do....

Was down again to the field for my weekly sanity check flying and instead of flying more I am now doing diagnostics for a lot of ppl's planes. I am not perfect guys and it strokes my ego that you guys come to me for help. Its a bit tiring if I have to look at so many planes everytime I go down to the field. I appreciate that you guys value my advice, still sometimes I would like to fly my own plane.

Anyway must apologize to Mathieu, did not save your plane from a crash, those it is a quick fix I still feel bad not being able to bring in teh plane for you. To Gilbert and his beaver, sorry I could not get it flying for more than 3 mins, also trying to get your plane flying really got me very puzzled why it acts that way. Next time when I have the time I make sure it fly swee swee ok?

I really hope for more of the lao jiao pplto come back to fly so that I can have less work to do inthe field. Getting home dog tired on a sunday and havingto go to work the following monday sucks.

Lil miss whiney was depressed over her wt issues and now we trying to find a diet that will work for her. Hopes she looses weight (not becoz she needs it but becoz she is very depressed when she sees her wt goes up) so that she can be a funny naught self again.

Update on hair : 1 week has passed and I look more like a moron now, I think I have to gel the damn thing now :(