Thursday, March 20, 2008

Bad luck lurves company

2days ago I was testing my tanks out due to a complain abt one of my tank not being able to get hits from outside of 4 meters. duringthe test I botched up and accidentally fried IR receiving module of teh tank which means it wun get hit at all.

Yeasterday I went down to Sim lim to get some components to repair the IR unit. For some reason the components that I just installed seem not compatible with the originals thus went on to fry my whole tank. Now I got 1 dead and useless tank unless I spend $50 bucks for teh original parts to be sentto me.

Sometimes I wonder why I do things like this and fuck up my own life. I should have left everything as it is and I would have 2 working tanks. Oh well.

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Humans are funny Creatures

Its funny how ppl can be so irrational. Even after years of working and being supposed to be in a more matured aged. Yet they let their emotions take control of their actions.

Its funny that they do things to contridict their actions and only when after they did it they will look back and regret. Hur hur hur, why the hell would you need to regret in the 1st place.

They never heard of prevention better than cure?