Friday, November 30, 2007

So much things that I want but no money to get.....

Why is there always so many things to buy out there but not enuff money to go around? I guess there is a reason for that, like ifyou could get everything, your house will be so full of junk that you cannot walk,eat, sleep in it.

Here are some of the things I have considered to get yet have not due to financial woes

1) A new Radio control (JR DXS9)
2) A new Tank (Tamiya Panther?)
3) A new console (xbox 360?)
4) New batteries for planes
5) New planes (Nice F15 in Jet hobby)
6) New lenses for my Ruby Oakleys, maybe even a new frame
7) New Hard disk for the PS3(>200GB for <$250)
8) New PC games
9) New hardware to run the new games
10) Xbox Game Called steel battalion with all its controllers

The list will eventually grow longer, I do have my wants but I know most of them are not needs, thus will only really fulfill one of these if I get good grading for my upcoming performance bonus, else everything wilkl go into the car and savings.

Edited the list to add 2 new items on 6th of Dec 2007

2nd edit, turns out I repeated hard disk for ps3, and I also bought it.

3rd Edit got myself a new plane afterall

Friday, November 23, 2007

Humans are the worst

And again I am reminded why I do not trust ppl that easily. Sometime back I gotto know this person on irc who was so called seperated. We chatted and all and soon became friends. Then sometime ago when lil miss whiney was away for business in taiwan, this 'friend' got drunk and called me up at 4 freaking am. Asking me if I wanted to meet her.

I knew she was drunk so I told her its 4 freaking am. She cut the phone off from me. I went back to sleep. Then 30 mins later she called again, saying she was on her way home and asked again if I could meet her, now I was sort of pissed at being abruptly woken up form my sleep twice at 4 freaking am gave her an eng siew 'I will meet her' but knowing she is on her way home I fell back to sleep.

She smsed me a bit more from giving me her address in one sms to telling me not to come meet her anymore. I replied somethingto an extend that I was on teh way just to screw with her coz she was keeping me the fucking awake with her smses. Then later proceed in tellingher I not meeting her when her smses wun stop. All this time I was comfortably on my bed trying to sleep in the aircon room.

The next day I felt that this friend is too needy and I can do without such a person. So I proceed to tell her notto fucking sms me anymore. In fact lets not be friends at all. Somehow this action pissed this bitch off, and somehow she told her version of this little tale to a mutual friend on IRC.

The thing is this friend knew lil miss whiney, the problem was he should have asked me what actually happened before telling it to lil miss whiney.But no, he decided to tell her directly becoz he does not absolutely trust men, so what you trying to say? all women are trustw worthy? you take their word for gold? I hope your wife trusts you if ever someone snitches on you just becoz, karma's a bitch. I was quite shocked when I got a call from her and she proceeded to ask me abt this bitch.

Although we are fine now, this episode really opened ymy eyes as to whom my friends are. I have deemed IRC to be evurl and thus purge the program from my system. I will not be going into that God damned place again. With all these assholes spewing lies just to make themselves better or more desirable. I really can do without all these extra shit I have to put up witha nd will definitely save me a lot of frustrations.

I will only keep in contact thru msn with ppl I deem worthy of my friendship fromnow on.

Thursday, November 15, 2007


Though nothing is really happening to me these days, well nothing interesting anyway and I sort of lost my drive to blog,aside from the constant feel of being broke, Lil miss whiny still wanted me to blog abt the perfectly fired eggs she makes.

Yes she makes perfectly fried sunny side ups and they taste good.

Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Excuse me, are you a Poser?

Sometime back a 'friend' of mine had this reply to a bunch of poly gurls doing a survey regarding the idea of having motorsports in sillypore. He said a bunch of stuff that made no sense and he came out with this line.

"Being one that drives a rally car, I think its a good idea...."

My toe hairs started laffing there after

Pardon me? you said rally car? You said you drive a rally car?

The thing was he drove a very saloon looking mistubishi lancer, the lancer is not even his, he borrowed it from a friend. The lacer he drove was more saloon looking than my car. I dun even dare say such proposterous stuff abt driving a raly car. Maybe 'his' lancer is an evo that looks like a saloon car, maybe.... yeah rite. He dun even have a small spoiler let alone the 4 disc brakes that an evo come with.

I just dun get it why he said such stuff, was he trying to impress the less than attractive students? His GF was around when he said that, why would he try to impress young impressionable gurls in front of his gf? Did his penis need inflating?

Well safe to say we did not remain friends much longer, well of course not because of this incident, but due to some mass back stabbing he did to everyone in the group. I can only say he brought whatever he face now on himself.