Friday, November 30, 2007

So much things that I want but no money to get.....

Why is there always so many things to buy out there but not enuff money to go around? I guess there is a reason for that, like ifyou could get everything, your house will be so full of junk that you cannot walk,eat, sleep in it.

Here are some of the things I have considered to get yet have not due to financial woes

1) A new Radio control (JR DXS9)
2) A new Tank (Tamiya Panther?)
3) A new console (xbox 360?)
4) New batteries for planes
5) New planes (Nice F15 in Jet hobby)
6) New lenses for my Ruby Oakleys, maybe even a new frame
7) New Hard disk for the PS3(>200GB for <$250)
8) New PC games
9) New hardware to run the new games
10) Xbox Game Called steel battalion with all its controllers

The list will eventually grow longer, I do have my wants but I know most of them are not needs, thus will only really fulfill one of these if I get good grading for my upcoming performance bonus, else everything wilkl go into the car and savings.

Edited the list to add 2 new items on 6th of Dec 2007

2nd edit, turns out I repeated hard disk for ps3, and I also bought it.

3rd Edit got myself a new plane afterall