Friday, September 14, 2007

Some ppl can be so Childish

As you know I am now into r/c tank modelling, thus we have a group that meet up occasionally(not so occasionally) to do tank battles. One of these memebers is a person I work with and he also used to fly withme when we were more into r/c airplanes

The thing is, we both join this group not too long ago and thus at teh beginning it was all great. meeting very regularly on sundays inthe hot sun every 2 weeks or so. Then when my friend tried to change the groups thinking to have battles on sat evenings, a time where there is less sun, the response at 1st was good.

Then it started to get bad as in the older memebers started to fly aeroplanes, or agreeing to the timing, then change itto their usual sunday morning slot last minute. My friend and I both got pissed at their indecisiveness, thus there was a time where lots of flying aeroplane occured on both ends.

I have recently spoke to them about this whole issue and it will hurt the club long term. The older memebers have thought it through and felt that in order to grow, there must be some form of compromise.

After doing all teh hard work, I tried to get my friend back into the groups's activities, but was met with just a single reply, I am no longer in the group. At this point I think he is just being childish at the whole matter, furthermore he is a grown adult pass 30 and yet have this thinking.

I think he was pissed at me for not join his group (which was only 2 ppl) on one weekend that I had already promised the old group that I will be meeting them. For us to have tank battles, I do not think that having only 2 - 3 tanks is enuff. I feel that in order to enjoy this hobby, we should put pass our differences and try to work a compromise.

Too bad he cannot get past his own obstacles and that is his harden heart.