Thursday, July 19, 2007

Heavy Rain

While driving to work, it started to rain and soon it became a freaking downporu. Traffic as usual slowed down, something about the rain and the drivers in sillypore that dun get along. Everytime it rains, ppl will drive at 50km/h no matter which lane they are on in the expressway, but I digress.

Somewhere I remembering that someone used to say that rain is like silver needles, todays rain looks more like silver arrows. Each huge bolt hitting my windscreen and ending with a splatter.

On other news, yesterday was 'Happy no bonus day', the ppl in the office went ard wishing each other that, of course with a load of sarcasm added to it. Not sure if anything good will come from this, but if things do not improve here, I suspect that there will be a mass job hunt soon.