Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Growing old gracefully?

Have been having discussions with LMW if we had the technology to relive our past, will we? I for one wished I was much younger, back in school doing what kids do. This comes at a time when you see the students here or even teenagers engaged in silly banter that seemed so important to them yet are trivial by standards of an adult.

I do love the freedom of a working adult, but are we really free, being an adult means that you got to act responsibly and you have to weigh your actions with every repercussions. You got bills to pay for and the endless worry if you can keep your job the day after.

But somehow, when you hear the silly banter of kids these days, like who they think should win american idol, whom has a cruch on whom and all the silly things that they swear they would die if it did not happen for them, makes one relish the past. I remember the time that I wan to go out late till after midnite, coming home at a staggering 3am, partying all night. Now I could barely make it till 11pm before drifting to sleep.

I wonder if its me that has grown old(and somewhat useless) or that my once flamboyant past is now a distant memory that sometimes I want to relive. I think the fear of age is catching up on me, that I now realise I am no longer young, that I am not longer the guy I used to be, I heard its times like these that middleaged ppl(like myself) tend to go out and do something, something that is usually stupid like skydive or climb everest.

What ever the case, I do hope that its just a phase of me trying to cope with my aging body and not a sign of wanting a second childhood.