Monday, June 25, 2007

Quiet Week

Not been blogging for a week as it has been quiet at work and at home for the past few weeks, also not wanting to attract people whom got nothing better to do than to put some down talking and negative comment on my blog, I decided not to say anything for a week.

Its funny how people in sillypore like to talk in a hollier than thou art tone, this is the same reason that we will never be a nation with great minds, I mean how could that happen when all we care about is being right and trying our best at putting people down so that they feel good about themselves.

Seems like we are more of a nation of small hearted people where only our own selfish ego is important. I got a news flash, the world does not revolve around yourselves, dun think that everything is about you and solely you. How else are we ever going to move forward if we dwell on the past?