Sunday, June 17, 2007

Long day by the beach

Today was a wet day to begin with, yet begin it wet we still decided to head down to the beach. yes Lil Miss Whiney, Not so Sassy Jan and Me went down to the beach on a eary sunday to run away from it all.

I actually wanted to take this spot by the beach but somehow it was too windy thus we decided to take a different spot. We amused ourselves by watching teh number of families tryingto take the same spot that we gave up on also due to the strong wind.

There is something about sitting on a beach, playing chillouts, haveing the wind in your hair that strikes you. If only if there wasn't the fact that other facmilies keep setting up there picnic spots so damn near ours, i mean the beach is so huge yet so many families like to set up like 2 meters from us. Even a grup of ns boys had to play their ball games five meters form us when there was the whole empty beach they could use.

I think its tehgood taste in music we were playing that drew them to us. Next time we will set up so whee more secluded.