Thursday, June 14, 2007


I have always been a music freak, ever since the days when I was in sec sch. treating my walkman as though it was gold. Buying tapes to record songs off the radio to listen to. I wonder if that was a form of piracy to begin with, can't be helped, I did not come from a well to do family that can afford fivourous things.

I have always listened to pop and even to the extend of chinese pop in my younger days. That is funny as my chinese, and my chinese language grades are crap. Anyway I have always listened to pop music until a few years ago, when a friend from IRC exposed me to 'Mandalay'. I think they are considered chillout genre.

Then came lil Miss Whiney whom is also a music freak, whom showed me the light of chillout and now, my listening staples consist of the likes of lamb, hooverphonic, goldfrapp, frou frou and so on. Though I listen to some jazz form time to time, if you consider nora jones jazz, I think I cannot do without my chillouts.

Still I do listen to some other more mainstream alternative music like coldplay or even keane, I do consider them more 'poppish' than alternative, maybe cause they are more well known by the general populace.

Today, I spent almost the whole morning searching through you tube looking for the music videos of the mentioned chillouts and was surpirsed that someof the songs that I love have great music videos. Do try searching for them (lamb,hooverphonic,goldfrapp, etc) on youtube to get a taste of their music. Maybe you might fall in love with them too.