Thursday, June 07, 2007

The Father (Bob part II)

A while ago, Bob made the decision to sell the house, giving halfthe money to my mom. He was nice then, as when he is when he is rich. He gave me 20K to start off my lil nook I have now. After paying what he owed outside, I calculated that he had about 60K or so left for himself.

2 years later, he coems and sms me if he could get some moeny from me, namely 2K, he did not state if he was borrowing or taking back what he gave me then, nor did he state that he will ever return me the money, not that I want that as I know he gave me money to start with.

The thing that pisses me is, HOW THE FUCK CAN SOMEONE SPURGE 60K in 2 FUCKING YEARS. He does not learn, not from the last lesson when he lost all his CPF to his useless brother, the whole 170k or so and now this. The thing is just when you thing life is going well and you do not want to worry about money, shit hits the fan.

I could have said I did not have the money, well technically I do not have it, it is money I loan from my mum to buy my new car and was about to return her the full sun. Now with my irresponisble and selfish, well Bob, coming back asking for hand outs, I can only partially retun the money to my mum. Hopefully retuningteh rest at the end of the year and be very broke again.

Sometimes I wished I had a father whom is more sensible. its like money and him do not mix ala water and oil. I wished I had a father that does not become a burden on his kids in this way, oh btw the thing is, he seem to only ask money from me and not his other sons, that is too 'funny' I tell you