Friday, July 06, 2007

Royally Screwed

You know, the feeling that you get when you buy a product that advertises that it does something, for example a vaccum cleaner, cleans by suction. To have it break down and then when you send it for repair, the service center 'improves' it so that you need to manually operate a pump that creates the suction for the vaccum, this is how many of us feel now.

I have been working for a certain educational institue, lets call it Institute A for a lack of a better term, for at least the past 7 years or so. I know I am getting into my comfort zone and getting too comfortable with life there to want to move. Then just recently, due to 'change of the structure' of our organization, they decided not to follow the guidelines of the bonus that teh civil sector is getting this coming July. In fact no bonus will be given coz they are still in discussions with the so called 'union' about our pay packages.

Its funny, but since when do ppl cut off the allowances for their children when teh parents fight? To add insult to injury, Institue A booast better facilites and competitiveness that andother Institue called, Institue B, but yet, Institue B is not only giving their staff the said 'July bonus + 200' (as stated in the newspaper for civil sector) they are also giving an 8% increment to their staff that are at the same pay scale as me.

WTF, so being the better Institue deems to pay their staff less? How does that work eh? I tot by paying teh staff a more competitive pay or at least the same as the others would mean that you would get better people or at least on par with the other institue staff to work for you. How in hell does this all translate to lower pay and no bonus? How the hell do they intend to remain competitive when all their lower tier staff feel like leaving now they have been shove hard up the ass?

I really hope that this is not some kind of late April fool's joke, as I needed the money, money that I knew I should not have givien my father, to tide me over for the new car(which I had yet to pay my mum back for) Its bad enuff that i have to put up woth family screwing me, now I get royally screwed ny my company is just getting better ain't it?