Monday, July 16, 2007


I was wrong that I thought that the ppl in cyberspace are matured enuff to be more sensible when posting comments, and our dear anon(yes I like to spell it that way you dipshit) has proven me wrong.

LMW has this msg to you, whomever you are, she says 'fuck yourself and suck your own cock' that is if you have any. She has also convinced me that since the poster has the mental age of a 5 yr old, I shall heed her advice and on only allowing registered users to post comments.

It was fun while it lasted but her arguments about how cowardly and loserish you are, so I shan't even bother with you. Point I noted, before correct ones english do look at yourself, you don't really come to me as having immaculate english either, ph well the pot gets blacker each day.