Monday, July 16, 2007

What I think about Blogging

Mr/Miss Anon dropped another comment again, yes its still anon, I seemed to have touched a nerve somewhere, trying to tell me off about teaching him/her how to live his/her life. Well well well, aren't we the pot calling the kettle black, yet I am not tryingto teach you whatever youthink I want to teach you, I dun care how you live your life, you can fucking die for all I care, maybe be an anorexic or bulemic and give your parents grief or rob a bank and get shot up or sleep around till you get HIV, I dun fucking care.

Funny as to how I don't go around to other people's blogs and leave anon comments and trying to tell them off or how fucked up they are. Maybe its just me, maybe I beleive that everyone has their gawd given write to be as 'full of shit' as they want. Me, I dun care what they do to their lives. I am only there for the entertainment value, yes you are right, I am one sick puppy, at least I dun ride my high horse trying so hard to teach people import life lessons. As so I shall reveal what I perceive as a blog, so as to shut the trap of all those angry anons out there.

A blog is a place where a person just wants to write whatever they want, be it true or not, most of tehtime a lot of bloggers out there just want to update friends on their daily misadventures. If some stranger wanders by and reads, then so be it. For me, at no time I want to wirte as though I am a victim, what teh fuck for? getthe pity of some strange weirdo out there? Or some twisted mind that has a even more twisted sense of justice that just wants to tell everyone off and tell them that they should shut the fuck up?(yes I am talking about you).

In some way you are right about me, I am sooooo full of shit, and so are you(for writing that piece of lump you call a comment, paragraphs and spacing helps sooth the eyes) in fact every human on the face of the earth are walking shit bags, we eat and we shit, thats life, get used to it. Let me get back to topic.

I write my frustrations, the shit(that term again!) that happens to me. Shit that happens to my friends(if any) and family. When bad things happen, I write about it, gawd knows I only write about all the unhappy stuff, but that is my outlet. Not like if you throw 10000 comments at Xiaxue on how shitty she is, it will affect her or change her way of thinking(gawd knows we have tried) yet its her right to blog the way she wants to less it involves the law or a law suite then its her problem and then that would be her payback.

Yet what I write here in this little corner of cyber space has gotten you so so worked up, in a way it amuses me, not that the way y ou write, but at how small your mind is that get so worked up on cyberspace and on my blog at that, a place where you have no footing to begin with.

Over the weekend, LMW and I had quite a heated discussion over this matter snd she pointed out one thing, that is that ppl, when they see something they disagree and when there is a comment button, they will indefinitely click on it and leave some form of comment no matter what, esp when its on an issue that they are so passionate about. The only thing that puzzles me is that most of these high horse riders are all anonnymous, what riding that fucking high horse so much that it gives you a wedggie so far up you ass crack that you forget to leave a name? Ok nuff with the insults else whomever it is might develop high blood pressure or something and get a heart attack.

The point I am getting is, that I dun see the point of leaving a comment, esp negative ones on someone ELSE's blog, thus I am some what 'amused' that this person has the gonads to try to 'scold' the blog author about something he wrote, yet no gonads to leave a name and definitely lack of forsight to even start this.

Lastly, I dun see the point of trying to victimise oneself on his own blog, if you ppl put there think that a blog is trying to do that then you guys are just judgemental pricks out there. Why the hell would one do that, get sympathy votes? Become more popular? Does not work that way man, this is not IRC and even if it was, you will be seen as an ass. Ppl write the way they write coz, it happens to them, again I must say, only small minds will think otherwise.

Its just funny that why ppl tend to get so mad and want to leave a comment that reveals their mental age to be 5 when they can easily click on the lil X on the top of the window and delete the link to my blog. Humans are funny in that way.