Friday, July 13, 2007

Just won't give up ya?

As i said, will the morons whom got a problem with my blog please leave, if you got nothing else to do butto try to put a dent into my ego or whatever fuck fantasy you have that you think you can affect me, please do give up.

No matter what the fuck you say in those little comments you leave me, you think you can hurt me or even affect me? Then you are more pathetic than you say others are. At least anyone else who has half a brain to even want to leave comments will at least do it in good taste, that is to at least leave a freaking name so that at least, your target knows who is it that has this irrate hate for him/her.

But no, you as a coward only dare to leave comments about how pathetic this or any other blog you read, or how self centered the blog owner is , yada yada. But in the actual fact you seem the most pathetic as you don't even dare to leave a name or moniker to identify yourself. What?!! mama did something to your self esteem when you are young? Dun dare to put your name on a comment you so tenaciously thought up that you think you can change teh mindset of the blog owner?

Well boofuckinghoo, get a fucking life and thank you for stopping by, now then the exit is the little small x on the top rite hand corner, I hope you enjoyed your stay and dun fucking come back