Thursday, July 12, 2007


I have officially lost faith in ppl, yet again some idiot have the audacity to hit some others person's car inteh parking lot(no less) and just drive off without leaving a contact number. I think only in Sillypore(maybe most of asia) does this happen. The usual practice is to leave your card or something if you made a boo boo and hit someone's car in the parking lot so that YOu can correct the mistake you made(by paying for damages or some other means) but no.... the ppl here act as though we are in a third world country, running away the moment they did something wrong.

I remembered that day when I got the new look on the bumper of my new car, I was parked next to a toyota camry, one of those bigger cars that supoosed 'educated' ppl drive, well at least someone whom is earning enuff to drive one. Yet this person has no sense of responsibilty to leave a contact number knowing that he/she had rubbed cheeks with my car. I take what I said back about uneducated ppl in the few post ago, that I got scratch by a lorry person. The problem is not about education, its about ppl.

I feel that the ppl in Sillypore is getting more egocentric, everything is about themselves, me me me, nothing else, they will never place the blame one themselves even when the evidence is incriminating. It does not help that now with the advert of blogs(yes I know the irony of me writing this point down in my blog), ppl tend to express their egocentric nature even more. Adding fuel to the fire is that a lot of fans help stroke the egos of certain bloggers to a point that they think they never ever do anything wrong and its their god given rite to do it, including murder.

Then there are those whom have no other business but to make it their personal mission to put any and every one down on their blogs, only problem is these farkers, like those whom hit your car inteh car park and run, leave no name to identify them with. I mean if you got the guts to leave such a nasty comment, do have the nads to leave your fucking name. At least it gives your target a name to curse your next generation whom will be borned with no backside or something. Come on, take responsiblity for your own actions and admit to them.

It is sad that on this day so close to national day, I realise that we are now but a nation of scheming cowards whom like sto stab others inteh back and not admiting to them even when caught. It makes me so 'proud' to be a Sillyporean