Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Excuse me, are you a Poser?

Sometime back a 'friend' of mine had this reply to a bunch of poly gurls doing a survey regarding the idea of having motorsports in sillypore. He said a bunch of stuff that made no sense and he came out with this line.

"Being one that drives a rally car, I think its a good idea...."

My toe hairs started laffing there after

Pardon me? you said rally car? You said you drive a rally car?

The thing was he drove a very saloon looking mistubishi lancer, the lancer is not even his, he borrowed it from a friend. The lacer he drove was more saloon looking than my car. I dun even dare say such proposterous stuff abt driving a raly car. Maybe 'his' lancer is an evo that looks like a saloon car, maybe.... yeah rite. He dun even have a small spoiler let alone the 4 disc brakes that an evo come with.

I just dun get it why he said such stuff, was he trying to impress the less than attractive students? His GF was around when he said that, why would he try to impress young impressionable gurls in front of his gf? Did his penis need inflating?

Well safe to say we did not remain friends much longer, well of course not because of this incident, but due to some mass back stabbing he did to everyone in the group. I can only say he brought whatever he face now on himself.