Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Un-neighbourly Neighbours

I think the problem with my place is that everyone keeps to themselves, well I am guilty of that too. But recently I have an issue that I feel I need to air. Its about a neighbour I have on the 5th floor of my block.

You see recently one of my car drying clothe (it cost around $30) went missing, after searching around the house and all, I found it perched on one of my neighbour's service balcony. I think becoz of all the strong winds we have been having in the last few weeks and the fact that I did not peg the clothe down (my fault), it flew out and down to the 5th floor.

Now comes the fun part. I have been trying, for the better of the last 1 week to try to retreive it from my neighbours. But the funny thing is that everytime I go there and knock on their door, I get no response. The 1st few times I thought that I went at a wrong time and they were out or something.

Last night I tried again, this time I heard a kid called out for her mum when I rang their door bell (followed by a lot of door knocking). After 3mins, no reply, maybe the mum was busy or in the toilet or something. After 10 mins of knocking still no reply, but there was definitely was someone behind teh door this time as you can see from the light from the peep hole going off (someone was watching from it).

I don't know what their problem is, but why do you watch from the peep hole and pretend that no one is home? Maybe they think I am an evangelist and want to preach to them? Gawd no... I just want my $30 clothe back. Its funny why they don't even open teh door to find out what we want. Maybe we were from the 6th floor and wanted to tell them that our flat was on fire and they should leave? They don't even want to bother to open teh gawd damned door to find out.

I don't know what the hell is their problem, but now I know that in an event of a accident, I sure know whom I cannot rely on for help. Maybe they are hiding something thats why they cannot open the door, i.e terrorist, child porn or even a serial killer? Heard from the neighbour across from them that they are of a different race than I am. Is race an issue that prevents them from opening the door? There goes all that racial harmony and that helpful/nice to others shot that the government been trying to program into their citizen's heads, out teh window.

I just want to get back my $30 clothe.....is it that hard? Maybe I should have a huge cheesepie in hand the next time and probably they would open the door. As of now, I consider it taht my luck is that bad and I have to write off my clothe.

Thursday, February 05, 2009

I Ish Sad

Car Gawds hate me again, now I have a area of scratche paint near the rear passenger door due to a too tight a turn in a carpark where the cars on the other lane were too big to stay in their own lane.